The End of The Race Card

Last week, the head of the NAACP, Ben Jealous (great name Ben!), went all black-rhetorical and fulminatorial against the racist Tea Partiers. He demanded that the Tea Party movement denounce the racists in their ranks.

This isn’t quite as stupid as demanding that the Mad Hatter be disinvited from future Tea Party functions, but it’s close. So far, not one of the examples Jealous cited of racist signs or acts has been confirmed. Idiotically, Jealous continued to repeat Georgia Congressman John Lewis’s discredited claims that multiple Tea Partiers shouted “Nigger!” at him and spit on him on the Capitol steps. In case you hadn’t heard about this, Lewis and several other black politicians and hangers on made this claim a few months ago. Unfortunately, in the iPhone age, there was plenty of professional and amateur video with sound and nary a nigger-saying can be heard on any of it. Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 to anyone who could substantiate Lewis’s lie. Breitbart still has his $100K.

That weasel politician Lewis was lying. Not only was he lying but the other black guys with him who corroborated his story are liars too. In the lying tradition of Al Sharpton and the racist tradition of Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan. 

The mainstream media paints Lewis as a pillar of integrity. But as far as I can tell, according to the mostly-worshipful Wikipedia article on him, he’s made his career in racial politics, good for him, but it doesn’t tell me why I should trust him more than Reverend Al. Oh, and evidently Lewis is the Congressional king of accepting private junkets. Till proven otherwise, as far as I can tell, he’s just another weasel politician playing to his strengths. Oh, and a goddamn liar and racial bomb-thrower too.

Jealous also accused Tea Partiers of yelling Fag at Barney Frank. This charge is more credible, but what does it have to do with racism? I swear if I ever met Frank, I’d have a hard time not going Elmer Fudd and saying, “You wascawwy faggot!” Still, decowum must be obsewved.

Given the fact that blacks are a lot more homophobic than the average American, it’s a little bit ironic, don’t you think, that Jealous would call out Tea Partiers for gay-bashing? What’s he going to accuse the Tea Party of next, being shitty to Korean grocers?

Ok, enough fun and games, let’s get serious:

This post is about the end of The Race Card. From now on, I’m going to react like black people react to being called “nigger” when anyone even implicitly accuses me of racism. I’m going to get loud, angry and outraged.

After all, being accused of racism is a lot more damaging these days than being called “nigger.” If you flinch, you’re done. Trent Lott’s career was destroyed because he said something nice about a racist guy at a dinner in that guy’s honor. Lott had no intention of saying anything racist–he was trying to be polite. Anyone see Bill Clinton take a political hit for last week explicitly excusing Robert Byrd for being a KKK bigwig? Bill Clinton is a racist-sympathizer. No honest person can say otherwise after that performance. (and if you do, you’re as big a liar as John Lewis.0

Harmless half-senile old white guys Al Campanis and Jimmy the Greek were destroyed for saying racially incorrect things about sports and blacks. They meant no malice.

On the other side, Harry “Negro Dialect” Reid was given a pass because he’s on the Left. Reid obviously thinks that “Negro Dialect” is inferior and electoral poison.

Being accused of racism today is worse than being accused of being a Communist in 1952. Unless you’re a politically correct Democrat Party darling. Then all is forgiven. (It goes to show how fucked up American liberals are that that Creepy Uncle Bill Clinton still gives them a tingle up their leg and they all rush to sit on his lap and get fondled by him every time he shows up for dinner.)

Crying racism is the new McCarthyism. Leftist race-baiters destroy careers, excuse their apparatchiks, slander their opponents and need to be bitch-slapped hard. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. Obama is counting on the race card to rescue his party this November. Of course, when it doesn’t work, he’ll whine that racism robbed his motley crew of whiners and technocratic totalitarians of their right to run the world. God help any of them who do it in front of me.


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