Bristol and Levi sitting in a tree

If this doesn’t kill the Right’s love affair with La Palin, nothing will.

Sarah Palin has made a mess of her family. She’s done nothing that indicates strength or values dealing with her stupid slutty daughter Bristol. I’m sure that welcoming Bristol’s bastard brat seemed the right thing to do politically at the time. That’s why Sarah did it. Not out of principle or love or anything except political appearance.

Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t take into account the 18-year-lifespan of the story. Or what a dumb bimbo her daughter would keep being. Or what a feckless fuck the baby daddy was.

Now, bratty Bristol has informed Sarah via People magazine that she’s in WUV with Wevi and they’re going to get married and fuck you mamma.

It’s time to rescue some dignity, Sarah. They have ice floes in Alaska, don’t they? Put both of them on one and then go home and shut up about everything for the rest of your life.

Update 2016: Every nasty thing I’ve ever said about Sarah Palin was prescient.


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