In Defense of Shirley Sherrod

Here’s what happens when you don’t post things to your blog timely. Now I have to completely change this post up because the story has completely changed. It doesn’t invalidate anything I had to say before, but now I have to say a lot more.

For context, for future generations who will read this like it’s the Hadith, Sherryl Sherrod is a Dept of Agriculture bureaucrat who gave a speech at the NAACP convention this year. (Future generations–if you don’t know what the Dept of Agriculture and the NAACP are, go look it up on Wikipedia. If you are reading this you sure as hell have Wikipedia, right?)

In her speech, Shirley allowed as to how she might have discriminated a little bit against whitey in her youth and she was somewhat sorry about that because she realized that the difference between rich and poor is even more important than the difference between black and white if you’re going to make a career about pretending to help those who won’t be helped.

(Of course, Shirley is right about the poor thing–all welfare bums have more in common with each other than they do with productive people. And there are almost zero multi-decade poor people in America who aren’t slimeballs, sleazebags, deadbeats and welfare bums. Shirley wuvs these asshowes wike Bwistow wuvs Wevi, and with about as much wationality. Yeah, I’m still pissed at Sarah Palin.)

(So when am I going to get around to defending Sherryl? Wait for it…. you’re going to be waiting a little while, but I will do it.)

Shirley Sherrod is a standard issue black racist worthless (till last week) federal bureaucrat.

She wasn’t just a racist 24 years ago. She’s still a racist now. Her full speech is full of banal racism. Everyone’s bitching about how it was wrong to quote just a little bit of it.  It’s not doing her a favor to quote the whole thing. And what she’s had to say since then hasn’t covered her IQ in glory.

 She’s  always made a really good living playing the oppressed card in the quasi-governmental  community organizing sector where Barack Obama also learned to tap dance for the guilty white liberal man.

Sherrod wasn’t a Fed until 2009. She sued the feds for some kind of racist something, and got mid-6-figures out of it.  I don’t know the details and I don’t care. I just hate people who sue like this. This is why I hated John Edwards from day 1.

Anyhow, she got hired into the Dept of AG bureacracy in 2009, coincidence I’m sure, and other racists in the Obama administration cannot be proved to have anything to do with Sherryl the pilot fish serendipitously attaching herself to the biggest safest whale of all.

 Now, we must stop and talk about what the definition of racism is. A too-large percentage of black people and white liberal people say that unless you’re a member of a privileged class you can’t be a racist.   If you’re a member of an oppressed class, you can hate based on race all you want and that doesn’t count. Go listen to all of Sherrod’s speech and decide whether she thinks this is right or not.

My definition of racism is much simpler: hating people because of their race. By my definition, as a racial group, black people are the most racist people in America. Except perhaps for the Japanese, who keep it under their hats instead of using it for begging rights.

Ok, now, the main event…

 In defense of Shirley Sherrod:

Watch her whole tape or don’t argue with me.

Shirley stood up in front of a (friendly) crowd and honestly, sincerely, said politically incorrect things to try to move them in her direction. Sure, in some of her speech she pandered to the crowd. Like people on the right don’t? Like Sarah Palin isn’t more pander than human?  (Seriously, I’m so sick of Sarah that I’m thinking I must have an unconscious crush on her.)

Sherrod led with rehearsed shtick slamming Republicans to get crowd armor down for what she really wanted to say.

She wanted to admit mistakes, tell personal stories, get people to move more to less racism.

And for that she was crucified.

She spoke very seriously, without malice, about her own racism, about her regrets. There’s no question she was trying to do good and meant NO HARM. I’d have cheered her were I there.

I am sick and fucking tired of everyone who refuses to let those who mean no harm when speaking about race escape without being destroyed.

Al Campanis, Jimmy the Greek, Shirley Sherrod..

If you don’t get what they have in common, you’re a racist race monger.

Hey, Andrew Breitbart, you’re one of my heroes. But this is more than inflicting collateral damage and revenging yourself on the NAACP for calling the Tea Party racists.  Way too much.

Andrew, you’re now a member of the lynch mob going after anyone who speaks honestly and without malice about race. I don’t give a flying fuck whether you only got a clip of the video and couldn’t wait to post it till you had the whole context. That’s what a lynching is–stringing someone up before you have all the facts. You lynched this woman, and I mean that with every bit of racial subtext and context that can be attached to the word “lynching.” I’m really interested to see what you will say about this fuckup. If you go all defensive and nitpicky, you’re dead to me.

The NAACP has had a great week and honest people have to admit that Mark Williams’ unforced error (see my previous post) proves them right about racism in the Tea Party: Mark Williams had 400,000 members of his Tea Party Express.  Williams is a racist piece of shit. I hope almost all of Williams’ followers are as shocked as I am. Until they repudiate him, fuck them. Williams hadn’t outed himself as a vicious racist before Ben Jealous threw down the gauntlet. And then the racism boiling over in his sad little soul just boiled over like a boiling over thing….I’ve been watching too much Red Eye.

The Left was right. There’s significant racism in the Tea Party. True until otherwise proven, you 400K Mark Williams followers. What say you? Seriously, you Tea Party Express people need to do something.

UPDATE: Mark Williams has resigned from the Tea Party Express, gracelessly, dishonestly and exactly like the little bitch he is.

Hey, Eric Fuckwad Holder, you say Americans are cowards when it comes to talking about race, but I haven’t heard you yet defend this gutsy woman. I don’t care if you do it later this week–too little too late, as usual.

Hey, Barack and your SecAg Tom Shitsack. You fired this woman like she was radioactive based on You-Tube. Everyone says you jumped too soon. Well, yeah, governing by You-Tube is pretty pathetic.

But  nobody I’ve seen yet has said this: You jumped too soon because you bought the original story hook line and sinker because you felt, deep in your heart, that it was true. You know goddamn well that black racism is a virulant undergrowth in mainstream black organizations.  “Killing cracker babies” is way more a mainstream sentiment among blacks than you dare admit. You found Sherrod guilty because that’s what you expected to find.

Barack, this story felt true to you. Christ, you over-privileged little racist punk surrounded by all your little racist punk advisors.

Oh, and for everyone denying that the pressure to fire Sherrod wasn’t from the White House…

Barack Obama is a goddamn liar.

Robert Gibbs is a goddam liar’s bitch.

Tom Shitsack, Secretary of Agriculture, is trying to take one for the team.  He’s after 72 virgins in heaven, which in America, is cushy jobs and perhaps an ambassadorship. Christ, we’ve become so third world when it comes to our privileged class. From now on, I’ll call him Secretary Bwana Shitsack.

I hate most everybody this week except Shirley Sherrod. Sure, she’s a racist. Sure, she’s done lots of bad things and made a career from race-mongering. But she’s the only person this week I’ve seen actually speak truth to power.  And then she outed the liars in the White House who tried to keelhaul her.  And she’s trying hard to think about her racism and talk about it and be honest.

You go girl.

UPDATED because I kept calling her Sherryl instead of Shirley Sherrod. My affinity for alliteration is absolutely asinine.


5 Responses to In Defense of Shirley Sherrod

    • Scipio says:

      More context, please? The link didn’t change my assessment.

      Sherrod is a partisan, opportunistic, professional apparatchik racist. Too bad that Breitbart had to bust her the one time she wasn’t guilty.

      I don’t know if Breitbart had only the initial clip when he posted. I assume so, because there’s much more in the rest of her speech to convict her. He’d have used that, right? If he had it.

      Let me be clear: Privileged black people in power rushed to judgment and fired Sherryl’s ass. Now they’re getting Uncle Tom Shitsack to take the heat for them, I’m 100% sure that SecAg Shitsack’s got a lot more gold in his parachute after this weekend.

      People on the right hung back. O’Reilley showed the clip on his nightly WTF? segment (I forget what it’s actually called) and shrugged. Glenn Beck actually talked about not rushing to judgment till we knew more. Too bad Obama and his incompetent White House hacks didn’t take their talking points from Beck that day.

      Ben Jealous was probably stampeded by those bovine morons who infest this White House, so he also jumped the gun and lynched Sherryl.

      No question, this was a black lynch mob lynching a black woman who thought she might try to give a little speech in front of a black audience to encourage her friends to cool it a little.

      There can be no question in anyone’s mind that the thing Breitbart posted to condemn her was this woman’s finest moment. Who did the editing?

      Rewind some, and her speech is standard issue lazy federal bureacrat ass-kissing race-baiting horseshit.

      Hit Play after what Breitbart posted and you realize what she was trying to get to. She made the mistake of speaking off the cuff, admitting her guilt before starting to talk about the lessons she learned, the changes she made. She wasn’t on message, she wanted to speak from the heart. Pretty good heart.

      I should say here, I don’t hate Sherryl, even though I’ve been harshing on her pretty hard. I do hate the white racist Georgia motherfucks who made her easy prey for socialism and stupidity because they did everything they could to trip up people like her.

      And I hate people who ignored simple obvious human justice when blacks were peacefully seeking it in the first half of the last century.

      I was raised in a John Birch Society household in the 1960’s. My parents weren’t overt racists. They never said nigger. They thought that Martin Luther King was a Communist dupe. They thought the Civil Rights movement was a Communist excuse for disrupting American society. They never ever thought that black people had a point. They never ever wanted to think about black people.

      As an adult, I asked my parents what they thought about the injustices against blacks, why they didn’t take over the Civil Rights movement if they thought the Commies were just exploiting the issue?

      Cut to the chase, that’s when I learned that they cared as much about blacks being daily humiliated, slapped down, denied basic rights like opening a business, or about blacks being lynched as most people care about Sarah McLachlan’s animal cruelty ads.

      To them, blacks didn’t exist in America until they became Commie cannon fodder. It never occurred to them that they drove blacks away from the American mainstream. To be fair to my parents, after I confronted them, they still didn’t care. By being fair, I mean admitting my parents were horrible assholes who flat out refused to even try to empathize and resented seeing blacks in public like most people resent seeing tampon ads.

      So, fuck you, White Americans who are like my parents–and there is a shitload of you–had you behaved decently, all this racial drama could have been avoided. Doesn’t make me agree with Sherryl’s racism, but it does make me grok it. They say former slaves make the worst masters. That’s a little hyperbolic for what’s going on in America today.

      Especially when a former slave stands up in front of former slaves and encourages them to have some empathy for their former masters. And when, for the first time in her life, that’s what gets her lynched by the former slaves who are now the WHITE HOuSE masters.

      But let’s survey the mob, which wasn’t just black masters scared of another scandal but also white citizens who should have returned Sherryl’s offered hand of friendship instead of, as the Bible says, “making her a liar for a word.”

      Kudos to Beck, Krauthammer and O’Reilley for damping the mob.

      Breitbart, how do you explain yourself? You started this lynch mob. Mostly, what you do is funny. And it’s sure as hell ironic that you incited a black lynch mob. Is that all it’s about?

  1. Llama John says:

    The problem, as I see it, is your metaphor. Breitbart didn’t start a lynch mob – he set a trap. A big ol’ commie bear trap – “context is everything”. He set the trap and he gave the big, stupid, commie bears a way out of it.

    All they had to do was agree with Breitbart that context mattered. But they can’t do that because they remember all the times that they, well, lynched people on the right for out of context statements. But there was one more way out of the trap – keep moving forward as if context doesn’t matter.

    That would make Sherrod collateral damage, but so what? It is all about the ends, not the means.

    The truth is I don’t give a fuck about what happened to Sherrod. People get fired all the time for saying stupid shit – just ask General McChrystal – so wah, fucking wah.

    We’re fucked in this country. We’re not just fucked, we’re beyond fucked. It is like we’re in some weird nightmare Japanese tentacle rape anime and you want me to get worked up over this? Wookie, please.

  2. Scipio says:

    Did Breitbart have the intent to set a trap? I don’t think so and thus can’t let him off the hook on those grounds. To be fair, Breitbart was no more and no less “snookered” than the White House or the NAACP.

    What’s most interesting is that both Breitbart and Obama/Jealous naturally thought that the out-of-context snip was plausible. Especially that the black people thought it was plausible.

    In my last comment, I told a little personal story about my stupid racist-by-oblviousness parents. Here’s another one.

    My mother and her new husband each send out several spam messages a day to a huge mailing list of people they know. Her new husband is another John Bircher asshat who has taken up just where her previous late-unlamented husband left off.

    They won’t stop sending me this shit, and there is occasional news I’d like to get from them, so I can’t completely block them. I have several rules that send most of their mail to a spam folder. I just looked–there are 648 messages in there over 4 months.

    Occasionally, one of their spams stays in my inbox. For example, an email sent to 40+ people, supposedly a picture from a protest in Arizona against the new immigration law. The focus of the picture was a sign saying: “Give us free health care Jobs – no taxes house food You OWE us AMERICA! We will shoot more police in ARIZONA until we get FREE!”

    Even before I noticed that this was obviously badly photoshopped, I knew this sign wasn’t real. The text was obviously bogus to anyone who isn’t a stupid racist.

    My stupid racist mother and her stupid racist husband were sure it had to be real, so sure and so alarmed that they had to spam the shit out of everyone they could think of to warn them about the Brown Sign-Carrying Menace.

    I replied all, (1) recommending they check the batteries in their bullshit detectors (2) including an urbanlegends link debunking the picture (3) offering explicit instructions on saving and zooming the picture to reveal the very bad photoshop (4) admonishing all of the 40 that if they’d forwarded this picture, they should never email anything again without adult supervision and (5) noticing that there’s not a single misspelled word in the sign which proves that the LA Unified School District must not be as shitty as everyone says. (The original picture was taken in LA, not Phoenix.)

    What did I get back for this public service? Crickets. But I did get deleted from their spam lists. At last. There’s been nothing in the spam folder since a week after I sent that message. Blessed silence.

    Like my stupid racist mom and my stupid racist shtup-father, the Obama administration panicked when they saw the Sherrod tape–they were sure it was real.

    And Breitbart went, “Fuck yeah!” when he saw it, equally sure it was real.

    Let’s assign relative guilt via a thought experiment.

    Video surfaces of Harry Reid fucking a goat. Andrew Breitbart gleefully posts it. Nancy Pelosi immediately calls for Harry Reid to resign based only on the Breitbart video post. I’d say that indicates Nancy has prior guilty knowledge that Harry has indeed fucked one or more goats either in her presence or just that everyone in her circle knows that Harry is an inveterate goat-fucker. Otherwise, Nancy’s instinctive reaction would be, “Harry Reid would never fuck a goat when there’s a taxpayer around! And maybe not even then!”

    Let me say here that this is purely hypothetical and I have no knowledge that Harry Reid has ever fucked a goat, though I have no reason to believe he hasn’t.

    In case anyone’s having trouble following along to this point, I’m using “Goat-fucking” as a metaphor for “endemic black racism.”

    I hold Andrew Breitbart to a higher standard than I do the Obamanistas. He needs to be damn careful, damn sure of what he’s doing. He’s done brilliant work and he’s got a huge target on his back. This thing comes close to discrediting him. He’s no longer just another loudmouth on the web. Breitbart’s appeal has been as a gleeful warrior. Now that he’s replacing the mainstream media, he has to get more serious about making sure he’s right.

    Finishing up the relative assignment of guilt:

    Breitbart swallowed the partial video because the NAACP had been hypocritically playing the race card and he was too eager to hoist them on their own petard.

    Obama swallowed the partial video because he knows this shit goes on all the time, especially while he’s sleeping in church.

    Oh and for all you people saying that the White House wasn’t involved and Obama wasn’t informed….how incompetent would the White House staff have to be to not inform the President of this kind of possible media race-based shitstorm? Ok, I guess that maybe Obama didn’t know in advance.

    But Barack sure did take take the time to personally tell Sherryl to shut the fuck up, didn’t he? You think I’m wrong? She’s been a giant loudmouth and what have you heard from her since Barack gave Sherryl her 7 minutes?

    Supposedly, the call to Sherryl was just another whistle stop on Barack’s perennial apology tour. I doubt it. Sherryl got told in no uncertain terms to take the deal and knock it the fuck off or else.

  3. […] ago in these subpoena’ed pages, I took Andrew Breitbart to task for the Sherryl Sherrod debacle. Like everyone else, I bought into the notion that Breitbart either […]

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