I just read this article, I don’t remember what it was about or even where it was. But it started with the standard issue paragraphs:

Until recently, scientists have not been able to explain X, but now advances in Y explain why Theory Z, which we all believed all along, is right. Or why some politically correct asinine theory that goes against all common sense is right.

Time, Newsweek and US News have a quota of at least one of these stupid articles a week. Psychology Today has a quota of at least 1 article an issue not start this way.

These days, “advances in neurobiology” account for about 90% of this bullshit breathless reporting of stupid grad student projects that get reported under the imprimatur of the venerable (or is that venereal?) institution that is sheltering these medium-management-IQ-refugees from real life. 

Kiss some intellectually faddish ass or die is the new motto of what passes for higher education in America with the exception of hard science education.


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