$3 million, $5 million, let’s not quibble

Bill Clinton, scolder-in-chief about how we’re not doing enough to help Haiti, is going to spend millions on his daughter’s wedding, including tens of thousands of dollars on posh port-a-potties. How about give your little brat a ridiculously posh wedding at 3% of that cost and spend the rest on Haiti? For this alone, if for nothing else, if you don’t hate Bill Clinton, you’re a cunt.

Charlie Rangel, scolder-in-chief about how the rest of us need to pay more taxes has been dodging and evading for decades.

The Democrat Party isn’t just the party of the unworthy rich. It’s the party of an arrogant upper-class that thinks we’re just that goddamn dumb. And, from this week’s reactions to Rangel and Clinton, they’re probably right.

Every American who gets a squishy feeling about Bill Clinton and Chelsea’s wedding and feels sorry for Rangel–you’re a cunt.


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