Iraq, tick tick tick….

I just got banned off another listserv for saying Mean Things About Muslims. I’ve been doing that since the mid-80’s. Both saying mean things and getting banned.

The first time, it was because some Muslim douchebag was insulting slutty American women. I said “clitirodectimy, Motherfucker.” And that got me banned. Muslims are sensitive about the fact that most of them fuck their mothers, not so much about cutting off their daughters’ clits, so it’s the motherfucker, I’m sure, that got me banned.

I don’t like Muslims for the same reasons and in the same way I don’t like members of the KKK or David Duke or the Aryan Nations church.  People get really pissed off when I compare Islam to the KKK. Especially when I say the KKK compares favorably to Islam in terms of endemic levels of racism, sexism and authoritarianism. But it’s true.

This time I got ejected because  I challenged some people who were all air- smooching on “moderate Muslims” to find me some and let me know when they did and along the way I hoped they’d find an Easter egg or two. And that they might point me to a moderate website or two. Oh, and I said that Islam is more a group of crime families than it is a religion. And that I’d gladly trade 1.2 B dead Muslims for my 1 daughter alive, ‘specially seeing how she’s never tried to fuck with them but they have no problem killing her for eating pizza next to a Jew. Or something along those lines. I don’t remember exactly and it’s all been deleted now for being hate speech.

Come to think of it, I’ve never been online- banned except when talking about Islam. Anybody who pledges allegiance to Islam should be treated by decent people like someone pledging allegiance to the KKK. This is the point where I usually get banned–when I challenge people to ask to be guest speakers in a mosque or ask people to look at what the KKK believes that Islam doesn’t, and post me a table, or ask them to put up or shut up in some similar way. You can’t be a good Muslim and be a good person any more than you can be a good KKK member and be a good person. So defend why people who are in the KKK can be good or shut up about Muslims being good. Dhimmi American liberals and their gutless fellow travelers hate being challenged like that.

Anyhow, what’s your over/under on how long after the US leaves before Iraq disintigrates? I’m going with 2 years.

Nation-building and Islam are incompatible.  We’ll fail in Afghanistan too, probably 2 years after we declare victory.

You might as well try to teach a box of ferrets to read and write. They’ll quiet down while they can hear you, and if you’re stupid you’ll think they’re actually listening to you, but the minute you go away….


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