Please shoot yourself in the head

The black guy in Connecticut who got fired for stealing beer and killed more than half a dozen co-workers on his way out, he played the race card and played it hard. He called up his mom, he called 911 and made sure everyone got told that all of this was about people not liking him being black.

I’m sure that the day all his co-workers died wasn’t the first time this dipshit played that card. He justified his thefts with the race card. He excused his failures by slapping the race card down on the table. I’m sure he was playing that card from day fucking one in kindergarten.

People who play the race card aren’t harmless. This asshole, and Jesse Jackson, and that lying piece of shit John Lewis and his buddies who lied about the Tea Partiers spitting and screaming racist shit at them…. there’s no difference in how they play the race card. They’re all equally pathological liars and self-excusers. No, I’m not saying Jesse & John are going to go postal–I’m saying that they are just as shamelessly and amorally self-excusing as the Connecticut guy.

The Race Card is over. Blacks are Boy Who Cried Wolf, and I use the term “boy” with full cognizance of how You People try to have a hissy fit if anyone white says “boy.” Boy Boy fucking Boy Boy Boy. Get over it. Racism isn’t your problem, you are.

Black people in America who think that excessive pigment is why they aren’t making it are in denial about their personal, individual failures. I’m sick and fucking tired of all y’all. Black people who don’t primarily identify themselves as black seem to be doing fine. Take a hint about what works, you racist idiots who think that the most important thing that explains all your failures is your skin color.

Nice white people are this fucking close to being done with your racist bitching and whining. As the economy worsens, our sympathy shallows even more. Now is not the right time to step up Race Card whining, but, boy, you sure have done exactly that.

Hey, black people: I’m sick and fucking tired of your 80%  out-of-wedlock  birth rate. I’m really fucking tired of your criminality. We put lots more black men in jail because lots more black men commit real, not just drug, crimes. It’s not racist, it’s the right thing to do. It’s not like cops are turning a blind eye to millions of white kids committing robberies and burglaries and murders to collar only your oppressed asses. 

Here’s an idea, black men who feel aggrieved over being black: Get some Uncle Tom values and respect education and marriage and stop being criminal assholes. We don’t have to tell Asians to shape up like this. Shut the fuck up with your gangsta-rap. I’m glad  Biggie Smalls is dead. And every other shithead gangster rapper who’s gotten shot to death–I dance on their graves too.  I’m just sorry any of them are still alive.

Accept the shame you deserve for making so many black women into irrational aggressive behemoths to make up for your lack of manning up. If you have children under 18 by more than one woman, breathe in the fact that you are a huge stupid asshole who’s ruining everything for other black people.

I’m sure this will be considered racist. I expect I’ll get reported to google for this.

Until I do, I’ll keep updating this, because if I don’t get reported, obviously I’m not telling the truth clearly enough.

Nothing will appease black people who have built their life-strategies on bitching about how they get screwed over for being black.  Just  like nothing will appease people who whine about being abused by their parents as their life-excuse.

The only thing that will help these professional victims is to tell them to put on their big girl panties and shut the fuck up. All of a sudden, they might realize that their damage is not who they have to be.

Black people, I’m your best friend.

UPDATE: The EEOC is thinking about making new rules to restrict employers from considering criminal history and credit reports in employment decisions. Several decades ago, they restricted employers from using IQ or any other intelligence test as a screen for employment because minorities did a lot worse on such tests than whites. I’m not arguing here that the IQ tests aren’t racially biased. I’m pointing out that the same rationale for outlawing those tests is now being used to restrict employers from considering criminality and financial irresponsibility.

Really, minorities? You think this is going to work out?

I work for a corporation that is highly invested in IQ. They can’t give IQ tests in general, so they’ve  invented interview puzzles. Basically what you knew as word problems in grade school. I hate these problems. I don’t solve them well, especially under the interpersonal pressure of an interview situation. I find it almost impossible to make myself care about them. I’ve learned how to make a good impression while not solving the problem. What a stupid, necessary skill.

I have to be emotionally invested in solving a problem before I can wake up and care. Then, I’m pretty creative. I don’t play Solitaire on the computer, I don’t like card games like Bridge, and the only reason I ever play board games if is everyone else wants to. If that’s what it takes to have a conversation, I’m in.

I digress. Here’s the point: if you think that employers are going to stop checking for criminal history or financial irresponsibility because the Feds say they must, you’re stupid. They’ll do it covertly and will reject people they otherwise would accept, like they do now for intelligence. If you have a tattoo on your upper arm, you won’t get hired. Especially if it’s a bracelet of any kind that goes around your arm. They’ll ask women if they think that people should put their money in a savings account or a mutual fund. We’ll substitute covert blunt instruments to rule out people who might be a problem, regardless of whether they might be brilliant, instead of using obvious disqualifiers.

Here’s my last incendiary trying to get reported to google statement for today:

Hey, black people: Thank God and bless your ancestors for being kidnaped and abused in America–their slavery and misery made you one of the luckiest of the lucky.


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