Facts and Predictions about the Ground Zero Hamosque

  • The mosque-mongers won’t give up easily and agree to build elsewhere. Only when it becomes humiliatingly clear that no way in hell are Americans going to allow this will they back off. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that we’re serious about this, you motherfuckers. If this vile little lying Imam backs  down, this will be a huge symbolic defeat for Muslim assholes everywhere, unless our douchebag politicians gratuitously cringe and fawn to make up for it.
  • The governor of New York is dangerously close to being exactly that dhimmi douchebag I’m talking about. It’s been well-publicized that he’s begged the Imam for a meeting multiple times and been spurned. He better fucking man up or shut up. How strange is it that the governor of New York can’t get his phone calls returned by this “bridge building” Imam?
  • This is about doing a touchdown dance on Ground Zero. Every time you hear that Imam or his lying bitch of a wife say “build bridges” they mean “make you blink.”
  • You have to be beyond fucking stupid at this point to think this is about a group of Muslims who are into peace, love and understanding. This is a probe, like what the aliens did to Cartman’s ass.
  • Muslims are liars whenever they talk about assimilation and accommodation with the non-Muslim societies they patiently infiltrate and subvert.
  • This particular mosque-mongering Imam is a moderate Muslim. In fact, he’s the very model of a modern moderate Muslim. He wants Sharia law in America, he refuses to distance himself from Hamas or any other terrorist organizations, he blames the USA for pissing off UBL so much that 9/11 was a predictable, if not completely justifiable, reaction. He has used the term “Sharia-compliant” with regard to where he wants to see America go, and has defined that as allowing him and his cronies to have separate courts and laws and jurisdiction over their “own” people.  Yeah, that’s assimilation. See how that strategy is working out right now in England. Muslim thugs are de facto taking over neighborhoods in London now, turning them into no-go zones for cops and other infidels.
  • Even if you were to buy that this Imam is a well-meaning guy (and you have to be fucking stupid to buy into the idea that anybody who won’t condemn Hamas is well-meaning), millions of murdering Muslim militants will interpret this as proof of the success of 9/11 and their dominance over decadent infidel America. And if this fucking thing ever gets built, they’ll be right.
  • There’s nothing wrong with being anti-Muslim. There’s something wrong with being Muslim. Observant Muslims are sexist, racist, totalitarian terrorist-sympathizers, at best. Millions of them are terrorists. We need to turn this around–Muslims, as a general rule, are assholes. Not people who oppose them. 
  • This asinine notion that American Muslims are “different” is bullshit. American Muslims are as awful as Muslims everywhere.  Who’s that guy Obama’s trying to drone-kill in Yemen? Oh, yeah, he’s an American Imam from Virginia who used to be touted as a moderate like this shithead who’s trying to build the Hamosque. The Yemen/Virginia guy wound up the keys in the backs of the underpants and Times Square fizzler bombers.

Yeah, I’m anti-Muslim. I’m anti-Mormon polygamist, anti-KKK, anti-Aryan Nations, and really really fucking really really anti-Democrat.

There’s no intellectual or even psychological excuse for being a Democrat anymore in America. You’re just a stupid random idiot who sympathizes only with those who don’t deserve sympathy, or you are a rent-seeking piece of shit leech sucking money out of the government-employee-union complex. But I’m not talking about Democrats here, it’s just that every time I think of them, I get a hate-on. So I had to say that. Sorry to get sidetracked. Fuck, I hate Democrats.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Here’s a litmus/loyalty test for American Muslims. If you as a Muslim fail even a single item below, you fail and I will have nothing to do with you.  Muslims, print out the following, read it out loud and post the video on YouTube:

  • I condemn Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations that no Muslim should support. Any Muslim who verbally or financially  supports either of these organizations is a terrorist and worse than an infidel, and I will turn their names in to law enforcement agencies. Further, I renounce any organization or Muslim who supports or commits violence in Israel or any non-Muslim nation-state and promise to help law enforcement to the best of my ability to prevent such acts.
  • I recognize the right of Israel to exist and I call on all Muslims to accept this too. Anything in the Koran or the Hadith that curses the Jews as a race is crap. Muslim anti-Jewish attitudes are a disgrace. We have much to learn from the tiny nation of Israel about human rights and tolerance. Not to mention military strategy.
  • Any Muslim who wishes to leave the faith should be allowed to do so. Families who coerce or punish apostates are despicable.
  • Being gay is OK. I may not like it, but I will not persecute or harrass homosexuals. Any Muslim country that does this is evil and I denounce them. I am aware that these Muslim states currently persecute homosexuals: <List>. I condemn each one categorically.
  • In the United States of America, where I live, I renounce any and all efforts to replace the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of any state with Sharia law. I will not support Sharia courts, even as private entities with voluntary jurisdictions.
  • No matter how egregious the offense against the faith or my honor, I will not kidnap, kill or remove any family member to a Sharia-observant country to deal with the problem.
  • If South Park wants to make fun of Mohammed, let them. They can say Mohammed is a pedophile. They can dress him up in a bear suit. They can tell lies, distort the truth and all I’ll do is talk back. Any Muslim who threatens South Park should be dressed up in a bear suit and have electrodes attached to his testicles.
  • The fatwa against Salmon Rushdie was evil and every Muslim in favor of it should be ashamed and shamed. We need multiple fatwas celebrating Rushdie and condemning the murdering weasels who published the fatwa against him. I will tell my Imam so next Friday. If he blows me off, I’m done with him. I will find an Imam who will publish pro-Rushdie fatwas, or die trying.
  • Any Muslim state that uses amputation or stoning to punish any offense is an evil state and I condemn it. <See above–you must do it categorically, and should obviously include Iran, Saudi Arabia and about 20 other horrible little Muslim Thunderdome-ocracies>
  • I support the principles embodied in the first amendment to the United States Constitution:  Separation of Church and State, free speech, no matter how offensive to my sensibilities or religion, and the right of the governed to protest government actions without fear of being gunned down in the streets.
  • I call on the government of Iran to stop all nuclear weapons programs. Everyone involved in killing protestors in the last few years must be brought to justice before the Iranian regime can be treated as a legitimate state.
  • I call on the the government of Pakistan to subject their nuclear weapons stockpiles to international authority to ensure that radical murderous Muslim supremacists do not gain control of those weapons.
  • I call on the government of Saudi Arabia to disband the religous police who harass and murder women and girls and to try the clerics responsible for these many murders.  And I call on fucking Sting to write a fucking song about it.

The list above isn’t all that much to assent to, if you’re an American. It”s a lot if you’re Muslim.

Good luck finding 5 observant Muslims in America who would even agree with half of the points above. Good luck finding even 5 Republicans or Democrats who wouldn’t agree with all of  the points above (well, some Republicans might not agree with the Gay point, and some Democrats might not agree with leashing Pakistan).

I’m not anti-Muslim. I’m just anti-anyone-who-can’t-agree-with-almost-all-of-the-points-above.


One Response to Facts and Predictions about the Ground Zero Hamosque

  1. Trencherbone says:

    ‘Religious’ tolerance?

    The privileges of being classed as religion should be withdrawn from Islam.

    If Hitler had claimed that ‘Mein Kampf’ was dictated by God, would we be forced to tolerate the Nazi Party as a religion? Islam is first and foremost a mind-destroying, totalitarian political ideology that spreads through the Body Politic like a virus.

    Winston Churchill gave the correct diagnosis over a century ago, when he compared Islam to a contagious virus or meme – ‘as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog’ http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/islam-murder-meme-and-rabies-of.html

    Consequently, Islam should be reclassified from ‘RELIGION’ to ‘PUBLIC MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM’ – a virulent contagious mental illness. It could then be contained by the methods used to prevent the spread of typhoid and other lethal epidemics: enforced exclusion and quarantime of carriers, eradication of foci of infection, immunization of the susceptible population etc.

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