Sarah Palin, PLEASE shut the fuck up!

Fox Business tonight, I’m listening to David Assman pucker up and kiss La Palin’s cute hot butt. This is a heavily edited, but substantially accurate, transcript:

Assman:  smooch smooch. Question  about sarah’s big kingmaker role today in the primaries, since nearly all her endorsements won.

Sarah: (lasciviously licking her lips, rocking like like she’s got benwa balls in. I really liked this part. She’s pretty happy now, and I can’t blame her.)  “Well this scenario, this miracle on ice that we were just over the moon with happiness and thankulness that we’re seeing….”

Assman:  smooch smooch smooch question about Joe Miller in Alaska. (Let me make it clear–I haven’t seen a Sarah candidate endorsement I was really against. I’m just against Sarah endorsing anybody).

Sarah: “Joe especially Joe Miller with such an impressive resume you can’t question his resume and assume that he isn’t qualified but even more important than that big important fat resume of his is his understanidng of our Constitution and his acknowledgement and his motivation and his commitment to doing something about Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda driving us to a cliff….”

Assman: smoooch smooch smooch I don’t remember the question he asked her here.

Sarah: ” ….engage in free market enterprise principles, instead of the the Obama-Pelos0-Reid…. ”

I would have really cracked up if she’d had a brain fart and said Sacco-Vanzetti instead of O-P-R.

 Assman, not in panting puppy dog mode for the first time: “What about O-P-R’s little bitch Scott Brown that you endorsed?” (Ok, not a real quote, I’m paraphrasing)

Sarah:  stammers and eventually recovers and starts with her runon sentences again. With regard to who I can’t quite remember who, she finished with “…we’ll choose him to represent our wishes our desires that is needed to put our country back on track….”

Then, Assman, having found his sea legs, or having been told that Sarah could actually talk to these issues, asked about term limits and the Murkowski dynasty, and she spoke very differently. Not in that sing-song-I’m-grabbing-shit-at-random-from-my-talking-points voice that she uses 90% of the time, but like an actual person.

And here’s exactly my problem with Sarah. She’s not stupid. She’s a bad liar. When she’s speaking to promote some kind of bullshit that she “believes” in but that she can’t ground her belief in reality, she switches into this dimbulb word-salad mode that is just verbal diarrhea. And she “believes” in a lot of shit that she can’t really justify. When she talks about term limits and how political dynasties are anathema to America, she understands that all the way down. When she’s not in political hack mode, she’s sharp, knows how to end a sentence and doesn’t make up new word forms. When she vacuates about bigger issues, she’s out of her depth and suddenly she’s neologizzing all over the place.

She’s a very unstable bitch to pin this country’s hopes on.

 Ok, moving on..

Then she gets asked about her support for McCain and she won’t say anything mean, good on her, but the question put her back in bullshit mode:

“…And, Senator McCain,  and I think he would be quite admitting on some of these issues…and if there were do-over time I think a lot of Republicans would say no way….”

Slobbering speech by Assman about a couple of military guys she endorsed.

Sarah: “I feel like I’m not even worthy of tying their combat boots.” I liked that too. I bet those guys went to bed tonight thinking about Sarah tying their combat boots. Way to supp0rt the troops, girl!

 Assman: “Are you in favor of a flat tax?”

Sarah: “Oh yeah, anything besides what we have today and we see what these leftists have shoved down our throats in terms of taxes and allowing the tax breaks that Bush put in place to expire anything besides what the Leftists did to us and we’ll be better off.”

Rah Rah Team!

Let me remind you, I voted for Sarah for President instead of for McCain or Obama. I take back that vote tonight. I voted for her because she was the only one of the 4 retards who didn’t push TARP. Tonight, I didn’t transcript it here, as part of her love letter to McCain, Sarah flat-out endorsed TARP 1, Republican TARP, while still trying to distance herself from the subsequent Democrat bailouts..

Did you hear that, conservatives and Republicans? There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Palin, McCain, Bush, Frank on TARP.

I was wrong to vote for her. You’re wrong to make her into the Betsy Ross of the Tea Party. No, she’s not a zombie-whore like Pelosi or Reid. But Sarah’s in WAY FUCKING OVER HER HEAD.

She’s a liability. Republicans and Tea-Partiers, if you take advantage of and bet on her celebrity, we’ll pay for it by alienating everyone in the USA who values intelligence.

She should take a page out of Dan Quayle’s book. Everybody thought he was deeply stupid, but he was just ignorant. He took time off from public life to actually learn what he already should have known, and now if you read one of his current speeches you wouldn’t believe it’s the same guy. Palin, like Quayle, staggers around in a panicked verbal fog when she knows she’s in over her head. Unfortunately, Palin has had plenty of time since giving up on Alaska to educate herself and has obviously shown no inclination to do so.


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