Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Here’s the definition of bigotry:

Stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own… Narrow-mindedness, bias, discrimination.
All Muslims are bigots by that simple definition. They are intolerant of Jews, uppity wimmen, people who want to leave Islam and conditionally hate everyone who isn’t yet Muslim. “Moderate” Muslims are those too lazy to kill or too cowardly to oppose the killing done and applauded by a significant, powerful plurality of Muslims.
If Muslims are entitled to hate all Americans and Jews because of the actions of American and Jewish political leaders, certainly we are entitled to hate all Muslims for the actions of their political leaders. Americans clogged the streets protesting Viet Nam and every war since conducted by the American government. But Muslims clogged the streets applauding 9-11. Name one single mass protest against what happened on 9-11 in any Muslim country. Even if just a few hundred people. The Muslim world cheered 9-11. There were no Muslim protests against that terrorism, like there were protests against Viet Nam and Iraq in America. We shouldn’t forget that.
A guy I thought was a friend, who worked near me, from Somalia, couldn’t contain his joy when the planes hit the buildings. He still has his job, if not his friends, in America. It’s the same job he had on 9-11. I guess we’re not complete pussies since we’ve passively-aggressively punished him while paying him.
Unless you’re stupid, you know that I’m right. Go back to my “Muslim litmus test” post and find me some Muslims who can pass it. Seriously, knock on the door of that Muslim family in your neighborhood and ask them to talk about those issues. Let me know how it goes.
I’m not saying all Muslims are evil people. I’m saying all Muslims more or less submit to evil ideas and pass them on to their children. Muslims keep their children from learning decent moral values like the Amish keep their kids from using technology.
All Muslims, to whatever extent they have the energy, as a matter of duty, work to impose evil things (sharia imperialism, hatred of Jews, abolition of human rights, oppression of women) on the rest of us. And they teach that to their kids. There is no Muslim in the world who could pass my litmus test and then read off those principles in front of everyone in their mosque without serious, perhaps deadly, consequences. No Muslim mosque anywhere in the world would break into spontaneous applause in favor of my litmus test principles.
Prove me wrong or shut the fuck up about “anti-Muslim bigotry.”
I’m going to keep distilling this till I get it completely clear and simple: 
  • We are making a category mistake classifying Islam as a religion in the same sense that Christianity is a religion.
  • Islam, in its internal dynamics and goals, is more an expansionist criminal organization with mystical cult overtones than it is a religion. Kind of like the Christian drug cartel that’s killing everyone in Juarez.
  • Muslims in America are more like coopted civilians or active members of the Mafia than they are citizens. Their allegiance is much more to the Imam/Don than to the USA or to us infidel citizens.
  • Muslims are dedicated to the overthrow of the United States government and the eradication of the very idea of human rights.
  • Muslims lie about their goals and intentions. Doing so is an explicit part of their strategy, religion and culture.

Damn right I’m Anti-Muslim. Muslims are seriously fucking lucky that my opposition to them isn’t hatred and is bounded by civilized rules they don’t respect but by which they will ultimately be defeated.


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