Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry

Until Kanye West dissed Taylor Swift by jumping up on stage while she was getting an award, and telling everyone she didn’t deserve it, I’d never paid attention to the girl. I listened to one of her songs  for 2 minutes, said, huh, Shania Twain light, I get why the kids like her, and moved on.

After the Kanye thing, I thought, huh, she sure handled that well. Nice Southern girl. Hope she likes being this decade’s Debbie Gibson or Tiffany.

Then I saw her host Saturday Night Live. And I thought, she’s a pretty damn good actress and she’s funny. She was in almost every skit and owned most of them. Maybe she doesn’t have a great future as a singer, but I bet she’s going to beat Kate Hudson in every audition from now on. I bet she gets a sitcom soon.

Then I saw her on Crossroads, which is an awesome concert series on the Palladia network. The show puts a country artist and a pop artist together on stage, and they mostly sing each others’ stuff. They paired her with Def Leppard. I thought, this ought to be entertaining. And it was–she’s a pretty good rock singer. Her voice is actually a little thin for country ballads, but let her belt it out and she’s just fine. Between songs, everyone gets interviewed and I thought, you know what, this is a nice, smart, hard-working girl. She writes a lot of her songs, and they’re pretty good as country songs go and she’s still just a kid.

In terms of smart and hard-working, she’s very much like Katy Perry. It’s the nice part where they part.

But people trash Swift like she’s a burgeoning Britney–dumb and vaguely slutty. But everyone thinks Katy Perry is so cute and clever and arch.

Maybe it’s the country music thing. Whatever it is, Taylor vs Katy is definitely a MaryAnn vs Ginger.

All you Katy/Ginger’s–I think you’re a bunch of secret fags.


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