A General Strike

What if every Tea-Partier pledged to stop buying consumer goods for 30 days?  And we all did it on the same 30 days?

What if we promised to inventory our fridges, freezers and pantries, make menus, buy what we need to get by, and to not set foot in a grocery or any other kind of store during our American Ramadan?

No books, CDs, DVDs, movie rentals, Starbucks, Taco Bell, real restaurants,  Girl Scout cookies, school lunches, shoes, eyeliner, condoms, aspirin, nothing.

Why is this an awesome idea?

First, it’s a great exercise for everyone to think about what they need that they don’t have to get by for the next 30 days.

Second, if you want to show Geithner and the rest of the Misfit Toys running this country that we aren’t just a fringe movement, what better way than to sling a huge monkey wrench into their statistical engines?

Third, how cool would it be if they actually saw a bump in consumer spending just before we all get stocked up for Shop You! month.

Fourth, you might just save a bunch of money, find a bunch of money you spend every month you don’t need to, and save and invest money that would really help to get our economy growing again in a real way.

I will refrain in this post from my usual ranting, expletives and hate speech, since I’m kinda thinking about pushing this idea. If it turns out you get linked to this blog, fair warning: this is not my typical behavior. You wouldn’t want your kids or your mom reading the kind of stuff I usually post here.


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