Christine Crazypants

I can’t stand nutty broads like Christine O’Donnell. But I actually gave her $5 to add to the million she’s gotten in the last couple of days.

Republican party apparatchiks from Rove to Krauthammer are scandalized. I think Rove is an overrated bore (GWB’s private nickname for Rove was “turdblossom” which is about right), but Krauthammer is usually a perceptive and serious guy. In this case, he’s wrong because his worldview hasn’t yet been upgraded to understand the Tea Party.

For the last 18 months, the Tea Party movement has been defying all conventional political strategy wisdom. At first, I thought that the carping from the establishment goons was just trash talk and spin to make sure that the movement didn’t pick up steam. But there’s more going on here–the establishment really doesn’t understand this movement. They really do believe it’s just a bunch of disaffected conservatives, racists, Christians and cranks, a tarball of fringe political junkies who’ve found a couple of issues they can all agree on. But the tarball’s internal imbalances will soon make it disintegrate like BP oil in the gulf.

That’s not what’s happened. Instead, the Tea Party, with no centralized organization or authority has successfully purged or muzzled its crackpots, letting them know in no uncertain terms that racism and rudeness will not be tolerated. That racist moron Mark Williams was made persona non grata within hours of his racist tantrum about Shirley Sherrod. Over the top protest signs are being self-policed out of rallies and provocateurs and infiltrators from the loony left are being uncovered and mobbed with “Phony Tea Parter Member” signs. Quite the immune system they’ve got going there.

So how do you explain Christine O’Donnell, if the Tea Party is really self-policing?

The Tea Party actually is a big tent, unlike the Republican Party. O’Donnell may be a nutty Christian who doesn’t have The Dyvinyls “I Touch Myself” on her iPod, but so what? She’s not a Truther or a Marxist. There’s nothing evil or reprehensible about her crackpot ideas. Her financial peccadillos are nothing in the age of Rangel, Frank and the multitude of other Kleptocrats who infest the current Congress. O’Donnell obviously knits with one needle, but do you really think Nancy Pelosi is any smarter or less willing to ignore facts?

The establishment can’t beat O’Donnell on the issues she’s actually running on, so they’re going to try to sneer her to death. Good luck with that strategy. I fully expect her to win, despite the night terrors of Krauthammer and the bloviating of Rove and snarky MSNBC dykes yukking it up about her aversion to diddling herself.

As O’Donnell has said already, all the people saying I couldn’t possibly win the primary are now saying I can’t win the general. Why keep listening to them?

Each time the Tea Party upends the political prognosticators, they call it a fluke and go right back to handicapping the next race as if all their old rules still applied. There are several things the establishment hasn’t gotten yet:

Tea Partiers are deeply angry and even more deeply scared about what’s happening in this country. But the great majority are not stupid, not fringe, not clinging to anything. Unlike the innumerate political establishment, we can do the math. For decades, it has been conventional wisdom in American politics that growth in entitlements and government spending would eventually bankrupt America, and likely lead to revolution when the checks started bouncing. We Tea Partiers have run the numbers, looked at the graphs and realized that the day of reckoning is at last here. And that the response of the American political establishment has been to wipe their fat asses with 800 billion more of our dollars.

We know you Democrat and Republian fuckers are clueless to the point of insanity and that you’re not going to stop till we make you stop. The Tea Party is picking up steam right now because you stupid fuckers made it clear to people on the sidelines by your reaction to the Tea Party that you aren’t going to stop. I’m seeing numbers that a quarter of voters self-identify as Tea Partiers and another quarter are sympathetic. Those numbers will climb in the next 60 days.

Here’s another thing the establishment hasn’t figured out: We hate the Republicans more than the Democrats. The Republican establishment has made a huge mistake thinking that the Tea Party is low hanging fruit. Nancy Pelosi may be an enemy combatant but snotty assholes like Mike Castle have just learned they can no longer count on us holding our noses and voting lesser of two evils. Those days are over. Nobody in the Tea Party is interested in lesser of two evils anymore.

The Democrat Party establishment will survive the next few years. The Republican Party establishment will not.

There are two ways this could go: The Republicans will become the de facto electoral arm of the Tea Party, by  takeover, and the current Republican Chardonnay-swillers will get to clean out their desks. Bbye, Olympia Snow, John Cornyn–join Arlen Specter on the dustheap of history.  Or all conservatives and libertarians who currently vote Republican will desert because we do have someplace to go now. Think about this: Christine O’Donnell just raised a million dollars in 2 days without trying. If her web site hadn’t been crashed by the flood of dollars spontaneously pouring in, she’d have done it in a single day.

Not only are those dollars that won’t go to the Republican Party, but 99% of those donors gave O’Donnell money purely as a way of sending a message to the Republican establishment. Oh, and if you’re a member of that establishment, I’ll spell the message out for you: You’ve been treating the Tea Party like we’re trailer trash relatives you’re trying to be polite to. Every time a Tea Party candidate has won fair and square, you’ve let the mask slip a little. And then with O’Donnell, you really tore it.

The flood of donations to O’Donnell aren’t about her. They’re an online poll about you, and there are only two choices  in the poll:

The Republican Party can go fuck itself, or

The Republican Party can go fuck itself with a rusty chainsaw.

Nobody who donated to O’Donnell will give you assholes another penny this year. It doesn’t matter how much Tea Party ass you smooch now.

The Tea Party will continue to leverage the Republican machine on state and local levels. We’ll drive it like a rental car for the next couple of months and see how we like it. If, when the dust settles in November, the machine did an OK job, we’re going to take it over. Otherwise, we’re going to build us a lean, mean, Republican Party destroying machine.

UPDATE 9/17/2010

Second-gen Republican establishment Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was soundly trounced “out of nowhere” by Tea Party challenger Joe Miller. This happened nearly a month ago. Astoundingly, in light of the O’Donnell debacle, Murkowski has announced a write-in campaign to retain her seat. I’d say the Republican bigwigs have until about next Tuesday to boot her ugly Marie Antoinette ass out of the party, or it’s going to start getting ugly even sooner than I predicted yesterday.

For those who are or aren’t considering voting for her as a write-in, the Alaska ballot has a circle you must fill in and then you must write her name next to it. May I suggest that everyone fill in the circle completely and write her name in as “That Darn Cunt.” It will be worth it to watch her campaign fight to get those votes counted.

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