The Republican Pledge

Hate to say it, but I kinda like it.  The “young guns” who drafted it were pretty smart:

  • It doesn’t swing for the fences. People like that bullethead Hannity are bitching already about that. The YG’s are saying they didn’t want to put anything in there that couldn’t be enacted this year. Nothing about ditching Social Security or abolishing the IRS–just stuff that people would have to put up or shut up right now. The YG’s went for low hanging fruit, with a couple of zingers (like that thing that every bill must cite its Constitional authority).
  • It’s got checkboxes and they’re inviting you to mark your scorecard. Or to hold accountable whoever votes against each line item.
  • They made Boehner wear a shit-eating grin and sign on by not putting anything in it that shouldn’t be achievable in the next year. They just gave him his task list.

Suddenly, I’m bullish on Republicans and I’m into their strategery.


8 Responses to The Republican Pledge

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    The “Pledge” was put together by a lobbyist for AIG, big pharma, and oil. They’re just saying what they think will get them in power again. Don’t be a fool and believe their crap.

  2. Scipio says:

    What, specifically, is wrong with it? To be clear, I’m not asking what’s missing. I’m asking which of the statements there are pernicious?

    Yes, they tiptoed around some big elephants, like AIG/financial reform, etc. But their point was to pick specifics that they think everyone should agree to.

    Leaving aside the flag-waving meaningless preamble, which of the specific proposals do you disagree with?

  3. Scipio says:


    A short quote from your blog entry should be enough to put your views in focus for regular readers of this blog:

    The [stimulus] spending has created millions of jobs, improved our infrastructure, provided money to small businesses that specialize in renewable energy, prevented layoffs of teachers and other government workers, modernized our electric grid, and other things that are making our country better.

    The inflated stimulus recipient self-reporting of jobs “funded” is only about 750,000 on the website. Even the NYT has run stories on how BS these claims are. And “funded” does not equate at all to “created.” Most of the money has been spent to support government “workers” and apparatchiks in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

    If you go to ProPublica, you can see a detailed formal breakdown of all the pork and stupidity. (Only .5 % of the stimulus money has been allocated toward improvements to the electric grid.)

    Nearly every stimulus dollar represents a misallocation of capital that ripples like white noise through the economy, sending the wrong signals and reinforcing the wrong incentives. Or, if we’re lucky, it’s just a waste.

    As we (should have) learned from cash for clunkers and the mortgage credits, so-called stimulative effects temporarily inflate sales of things that shouldn’t be inflated, and cause a rebound headache in the quarters immediately following the end of the stimulus. Car and home sales dropped off a cliff on expiry of the stimuli.

    The same thing goes for boosting government spending and saving jobs that should be eliminated. The recent Chris Christie video on YouTube where he dresses down yet another arrogant teacher and walks through the numbers in detail, is a perfect example. Everyone should see that video.

    Ben, I’m obviously not a fool. May I suggest you not be a jackass and try to learn something about the problems of economic calculation and misallocation before cheering on stimulus spending again? Whether you buy into most neo-Austrian microeconomic theory or not, it’s pretty universally acknowledged that the neo-Austrian account of these issues is definitive.

  4. Ben Hoffman says:

    [Ben, I’m obviously not a fool.]

    That’s not so obvious. You buy into the right-wing propaganda. All you need to do is drive around and see the highway projects funded by the stimulus. Those aren’t government workers doing the construction; the work is being performed by private contractors (at least here in Colorado).

    From what I’ve read, neo-Austrian economic theory advocates a free-market approach, which is exactly what brought down our economy in the first place. Regulations that were put in place during the Great Depression were repealed and within 10 years, we had a near total collapse of our economy!

  5. Scipio says:

    @Ben (he’s welcome to the last word after this)

    You start your first comment on this blog by calling the blogger a fool. I responded to you politely and you took that opportunity to shill for your blog in my comments. So I didn’t feel so polite in my succeeding response, but I did treat you with enough respect to cite facts, sources and offer support for my arguments. You jackass.

    Your post on your own blog is full of factual errors, sweeping unsupported assertions and asinine straw man arguments like this:

    Why not just say you’re going to eliminate taxes for everyone? According to Reaganomics, that should increase revenues! The problem is, Reaganomics has been proven to not work.

    and this little triumph of non sequiturage:

    Allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines takes away the ability of states to regulate insurance companies. It will also result in insurance companies only insuring low risk people.

    and how about this nonsensical smear:

    What’s needed is filibuster reform because Senate Republicans are filibustering EVERYTHING!

    In terms of legislative filibusters, cloture votes have succeeded every time so far during the Obama regime.

    In terms of nomination filibusters, that’s been tit for tat for decades. Recall that it was Republican Bill Frist who tried to invoke the “nuclear option” in 2005 and change cloture rules to require a simple majority and it was Democrats who threw a hissy fit and stopped it. At least in the most recent round, you have to blame Democrats for the continued power of the filibuster.

    And what about this clever combination of non sequitur, ad hominem and own-petard-hoisting:

    And as far as Constitutional authority, what about the Constitutional violations that occurred during the Bush tenure when he lied us into war, spied on Americans, violated the Geneva Conventions, and enabled war profiteering?

    Shouldn’t you be in FAVOR of this provision in the Pledge to America, based on the above sentence?

    Ben, if/when you get your last word in, it would be interesting to have you explicitly state which, if any, of the statements in it you do agree with, regardless of your concern about the dark motives of those who drafted it.

    P.S. It doesn’t matter to me whether government workers are employees or contractors. That’s why I used the term “apparatchiks” before. If your business relies mostly on government contracts, you’re part of the problem even if you’re putatively private.

    • Ben Hoffman says:

      [If your business relies mostly on government contracts, you’re part of the problem even if you’re putatively private.]

      No, if you hate our country so much you don’t want to spend any money on our infrastructure, you’re part of the problem.

  6. Brenda says:

    I know I’m coming into this late in the game but wow, I’m amazed by the intellect of Mr. Hoffman. I bow to his obviously superior intellect. The man is given the opportunity to provide facts and sources, and the best he can come up with is “if you hate our country so much you don’t want to spend any money on our infrastructure, you’re part of the problem.”

    What a zinger. I wish I could be more like Mr. Hoffman.

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