A Brief History of Book Burning

September 20, 2010

I titled this a “brief” history because I’m not going to talk in detail about the long, consistent history of Muslims burning books. They’ve been burning and razing symbols they disagree with for more than a thousand years, and show no signs of maturing. Yet with all the furor over the recently aborted Koran-a-cue, I’ve heard nobody point out the absurdity of Muslims protesting book burning. It’s like the KKK protesting hood-wearing.

(If you’re new to this blog, I’m sick of Muslim bullshit and don’t mind saying so. If you think they have a legal right to build the Ground Zero Touchdown Dance Center, you can hang out. If you don’t want to use all legally permissible means to annoy them, fuck with them, do everything to prevent them from building this abomination, you should go away and I hope the first time your 13 year old daughter gets stoned it’s in a white sheet buried in sand up to her waist. Seriously, that’s how much I want you to prove your principles.)

Briefly speaking, I do want to talk about the most salient modern Muslim book burning scandal (did I just use the words modern and Muslim next to each other? Bet that’s a google first.)  I mean, of course, the vile Muslim campaign against author Salman Rushdie, a lapsed Muslim who had to go into hiding for years and who still has to watch his step more than two decades after his novel The Satanic Verses was published.

Along with the hit put out on Rushdie by the Muslim Imafia, there were, of course, big public book burnings by so-called Westernized Muslims, meaning Muslims living in the USA and the UK. Two bombings of nearby bookstores were widely reported in the US and two in England. Matching the book burnings in number, a coincidence I’m sure.

Lately, a liberal chick in Seattle suggested a “Draw a picture of Mohammed” Day.  I don’t know for 100% sure, but from her reaction to what happened next, I’m pretty sure that she thought trashing Muslims was similar to trashing right wing American nuts who haven’t gotten the 1st Amendment memo. Now she’s in hiding, changing her name, after her apologies didn’t work to stop the death threats from Muslims and after the FBI said, well we have budget constraints, and protecting big mouth bitches from Seattle is not our first priority….

Before this, Muslims have threatened the South Park boys, Danish cartoonists, an art museum in Seattle, a Mozart performance in
Berlin, Borders bookstores….Christ, it just goes on and on.

It’s very important and necessary to let Muslims know in no uncertain terms that they’d better grow the fuck up and accept the right of the rest of us to say what we want about them without fear of violence.

Muslims have successfully asserted their right to bomb, harass, make death threats and intimidate everywhere in the Western world. They’ve been mostly successful in Europe, in terms of carrying out thost threats.

The bottom line is that these backwoods, 7th-century motherfuckers have succeeded in no uncertain terms in making everyone in America afraid to fuck with them. Including me.

I’ll say whatever shit I want to say about Christians, conservatives, liberals without even thinking about what might happen to my family. When it comes to Muslims, I have to worry that they might track me down. I’d just shut up were it not for my faith in Muslim incompetence

Make no mistake. Speech that criticizes or ridicules Islam is already heavily self-censored in the West because of fear of random Muslim violent retaliation. This has been going on for decades. This must be reversed. Until Muslims quit threatening violence for speech that offends them, they must be subjected to increasingly escalating offense. Burning Korans should just be the start.

That ground zero MTDCI (Muslim Touchdown Dance Center Imam) was on CNN implicitly threatening us, more in sorrow than in anger, about what would be likely to happen in the Muslim world when Americans do succeed in preventing that thing from getting built. He very specifically called out attacks on embassies and American properties in Muslim countries as likely targets. This little bitch is as slick at delivering deniable threats as Michael Corleone.

Islam wins for the same reasons and with the same tactics that the Mafia uses to corrupt a neighborhood. They make outlandish threats if you don’t go along. And the first go-along demand is pretty small, and almost reasonable, if somewhat insulting. Where the fuck do these Muslim assholes get off telling the USA to suppress a crazy Florida preacher or else?

Islam has making other cultures their bitch down to a science.

Muslims all over the world are rioting and burning American flags as a pre-emptive strike against getting their shitty little book burned by a guy nobody had ever heard of with 50 followers in Florida. Think about this question before you answer it–wouldn’t a proportional reaction by Americans be to burn at least as many Korans as they burn American flags? Why shouldn’t we be as pissed about them burning our flag in their country as they are about us burning their shitty little 7th Century rant-book in our country?

Every Muslim who burns an American flag is at least as big a cunt as Pastor Whatsisname who threatened to burn Korans. When will our State Department defend the flag like they condemn Pastor 15 Minutes? Never, is the answer.

That’s how we’ve emboldened these Islamic cunts to think they can piss on Ground Zero and mark it as their own.

Muslims deserve to be ridiculed and hassled about their violent suppression of speech like lay Catholics deserved to be ridiculed and hassled about all the boy-raping priests. Screw Catholics who stayed silent and loyal in the face of that abomination, and, similarly, screw Muslims who do the same in the face of all these violent fatwas.

After enough public pressure, the Catholic laity has pressured the hierarchy into getting serious about stopping it. Catholics can once again hold their heads up and point to action taken to right the wrong. Even if their Pope may have been as slow as they were to respond. But at the beginning of the scandal most Catholics were morally derelict.

Until “innocent” Muslims do something about the huge number of violent fanatics sheltered in their midst, yeah they deserve to be offended.

The threat of violence against those who annoy Muslims is pervasive and repeated. Anyone who comes to their attention gets death threats. It is far more important to put pressure on Muslims to deal with this than to protect their delicate, but barbaric, sensibilities.

If millions of us burned Korans every time some imam issued another stupid fatwa, then THEY’D have to start thinking hard before the next death threat, wouldn’t they?

Find me a Muslim who’s speaking out against what they’re doing to this Seattle girl who is now in hiding. Seriously, find one. Bring me back the head of the Easter Bunny too.

I’m sure there are lots of Muslims who are privately appalled. But they dare not speak. That’s my point–Islam is a violent criminal organization that effectively controls people who desperately hope they can move out of the neighborhood someday.

Islam isn’t a religion. It’s a loose coalition of violent terrorist crime organizations and we should deal with Islam like we dealt with the Mafia.

There aren’t very many Muslims in America. So, really how big is the threat? Even if Islam sucks, so what? Shouldn’t I fulmnate equally against the Tonton-Macoute?

Say something very publicly about how Muhammed should go suck it.  Come on, go do it, publishing your real name. We are afraid of Islam, not the T-M.

Muslims are thugging around the Western world, attacking cartoonists, stabbing filmmakers, firebombing bookstores, threatening more bookstores and they are succeeding in making all of us worry about our personal safety if we dare say anything they don’t like.

That’s why it’s important to oppose them and offend them. Muslim thuggery must not be allowed to muzzle the civilized world. The “ground zero mosque” isn’t just Muslim thuggery. It’s Muslim hegemony. Look at how many Americans have defended the mosque who deserted the Koran-burning preacher.  That preacher has been given some pretty serious legal harassment for his hubris. The government is demanding he pay $200,000 for “protection” for his protest, even though it didn’t happen. I hear that his insurance company canceled protection on his church building, something that obviously increases the likelihood of a Muslim firebombing. But liberals are appalled that anyone would use zoning or eminent domain as pretexts to stop the Ground Zero mosque.

(If you’re a stupid liberal still reading this, go ahead, say something obnoxious about Islam, not because you believe it, but because you have the right to say it. Prove that Islam is peaceful. Post your phone number too. No? Shriveled ball sack much?

(The first death threat I get, I’ll stop writing about how much Muslims suck. I’ll publish the death threat, and no longer speak about Islam. Go on, make my day. Shut me up.)


Christine Crazypants

September 18, 2010

I can’t stand nutty broads like Christine O’Donnell. But I actually gave her $5 to add to the million she’s gotten in the last couple of days.

Republican party apparatchiks from Rove to Krauthammer are scandalized. I think Rove is an overrated bore (GWB’s private nickname for Rove was “turdblossom” which is about right), but Krauthammer is usually a perceptive and serious guy. In this case, he’s wrong because his worldview hasn’t yet been upgraded to understand the Tea Party.

For the last 18 months, the Tea Party movement has been defying all conventional political strategy wisdom. At first, I thought that the carping from the establishment goons was just trash talk and spin to make sure that the movement didn’t pick up steam. But there’s more going on here–the establishment really doesn’t understand this movement. They really do believe it’s just a bunch of disaffected conservatives, racists, Christians and cranks, a tarball of fringe political junkies who’ve found a couple of issues they can all agree on. But the tarball’s internal imbalances will soon make it disintegrate like BP oil in the gulf.

That’s not what’s happened. Instead, the Tea Party, with no centralized organization or authority has successfully purged or muzzled its crackpots, letting them know in no uncertain terms that racism and rudeness will not be tolerated. That racist moron Mark Williams was made persona non grata within hours of his racist tantrum about Shirley Sherrod. Over the top protest signs are being self-policed out of rallies and provocateurs and infiltrators from the loony left are being uncovered and mobbed with “Phony Tea Parter Member” signs. Quite the immune system they’ve got going there.

So how do you explain Christine O’Donnell, if the Tea Party is really self-policing?

The Tea Party actually is a big tent, unlike the Republican Party. O’Donnell may be a nutty Christian who doesn’t have The Dyvinyls “I Touch Myself” on her iPod, but so what? She’s not a Truther or a Marxist. There’s nothing evil or reprehensible about her crackpot ideas. Her financial peccadillos are nothing in the age of Rangel, Frank and the multitude of other Kleptocrats who infest the current Congress. O’Donnell obviously knits with one needle, but do you really think Nancy Pelosi is any smarter or less willing to ignore facts?

The establishment can’t beat O’Donnell on the issues she’s actually running on, so they’re going to try to sneer her to death. Good luck with that strategy. I fully expect her to win, despite the night terrors of Krauthammer and the bloviating of Rove and snarky MSNBC dykes yukking it up about her aversion to diddling herself.

As O’Donnell has said already, all the people saying I couldn’t possibly win the primary are now saying I can’t win the general. Why keep listening to them?

Each time the Tea Party upends the political prognosticators, they call it a fluke and go right back to handicapping the next race as if all their old rules still applied. There are several things the establishment hasn’t gotten yet:

Tea Partiers are deeply angry and even more deeply scared about what’s happening in this country. But the great majority are not stupid, not fringe, not clinging to anything. Unlike the innumerate political establishment, we can do the math. For decades, it has been conventional wisdom in American politics that growth in entitlements and government spending would eventually bankrupt America, and likely lead to revolution when the checks started bouncing. We Tea Partiers have run the numbers, looked at the graphs and realized that the day of reckoning is at last here. And that the response of the American political establishment has been to wipe their fat asses with 800 billion more of our dollars.

We know you Democrat and Republian fuckers are clueless to the point of insanity and that you’re not going to stop till we make you stop. The Tea Party is picking up steam right now because you stupid fuckers made it clear to people on the sidelines by your reaction to the Tea Party that you aren’t going to stop. I’m seeing numbers that a quarter of voters self-identify as Tea Partiers and another quarter are sympathetic. Those numbers will climb in the next 60 days.

Here’s another thing the establishment hasn’t figured out: We hate the Republicans more than the Democrats. The Republican establishment has made a huge mistake thinking that the Tea Party is low hanging fruit. Nancy Pelosi may be an enemy combatant but snotty assholes like Mike Castle have just learned they can no longer count on us holding our noses and voting lesser of two evils. Those days are over. Nobody in the Tea Party is interested in lesser of two evils anymore.

The Democrat Party establishment will survive the next few years. The Republican Party establishment will not.

There are two ways this could go: The Republicans will become the de facto electoral arm of the Tea Party, by  takeover, and the current Republican Chardonnay-swillers will get to clean out their desks. Bbye, Olympia Snow, John Cornyn–join Arlen Specter on the dustheap of history.  Or all conservatives and libertarians who currently vote Republican will desert because we do have someplace to go now. Think about this: Christine O’Donnell just raised a million dollars in 2 days without trying. If her web site hadn’t been crashed by the flood of dollars spontaneously pouring in, she’d have done it in a single day.

Not only are those dollars that won’t go to the Republican Party, but 99% of those donors gave O’Donnell money purely as a way of sending a message to the Republican establishment. Oh, and if you’re a member of that establishment, I’ll spell the message out for you: You’ve been treating the Tea Party like we’re trailer trash relatives you’re trying to be polite to. Every time a Tea Party candidate has won fair and square, you’ve let the mask slip a little. And then with O’Donnell, you really tore it.

The flood of donations to O’Donnell aren’t about her. They’re an online poll about you, and there are only two choices  in the poll:

The Republican Party can go fuck itself, or

The Republican Party can go fuck itself with a rusty chainsaw.

Nobody who donated to O’Donnell will give you assholes another penny this year. It doesn’t matter how much Tea Party ass you smooch now.

The Tea Party will continue to leverage the Republican machine on state and local levels. We’ll drive it like a rental car for the next couple of months and see how we like it. If, when the dust settles in November, the machine did an OK job, we’re going to take it over. Otherwise, we’re going to build us a lean, mean, Republican Party destroying machine.

UPDATE 9/17/2010

Second-gen Republican establishment Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was soundly trounced “out of nowhere” by Tea Party challenger Joe Miller. This happened nearly a month ago. Astoundingly, in light of the O’Donnell debacle, Murkowski has announced a write-in campaign to retain her seat. I’d say the Republican bigwigs have until about next Tuesday to boot her ugly Marie Antoinette ass out of the party, or it’s going to start getting ugly even sooner than I predicted yesterday.

For those who are or aren’t considering voting for her as a write-in, the Alaska ballot has a circle you must fill in and then you must write her name next to it. May I suggest that everyone fill in the circle completely and write her name in as “That Darn Cunt.” It will be worth it to watch her campaign fight to get those votes counted.

A General Strike

September 15, 2010

What if every Tea-Partier pledged to stop buying consumer goods for 30 days?  And we all did it on the same 30 days?

What if we promised to inventory our fridges, freezers and pantries, make menus, buy what we need to get by, and to not set foot in a grocery or any other kind of store during our American Ramadan?

No books, CDs, DVDs, movie rentals, Starbucks, Taco Bell, real restaurants,  Girl Scout cookies, school lunches, shoes, eyeliner, condoms, aspirin, nothing.

Why is this an awesome idea?

First, it’s a great exercise for everyone to think about what they need that they don’t have to get by for the next 30 days.

Second, if you want to show Geithner and the rest of the Misfit Toys running this country that we aren’t just a fringe movement, what better way than to sling a huge monkey wrench into their statistical engines?

Third, how cool would it be if they actually saw a bump in consumer spending just before we all get stocked up for Shop You! month.

Fourth, you might just save a bunch of money, find a bunch of money you spend every month you don’t need to, and save and invest money that would really help to get our economy growing again in a real way.

I will refrain in this post from my usual ranting, expletives and hate speech, since I’m kinda thinking about pushing this idea. If it turns out you get linked to this blog, fair warning: this is not my typical behavior. You wouldn’t want your kids or your mom reading the kind of stuff I usually post here.

Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry

September 8, 2010

Until Kanye West dissed Taylor Swift by jumping up on stage while she was getting an award, and telling everyone she didn’t deserve it, I’d never paid attention to the girl. I listened to one of her songs  for 2 minutes, said, huh, Shania Twain light, I get why the kids like her, and moved on.

After the Kanye thing, I thought, huh, she sure handled that well. Nice Southern girl. Hope she likes being this decade’s Debbie Gibson or Tiffany.

Then I saw her host Saturday Night Live. And I thought, she’s a pretty damn good actress and she’s funny. She was in almost every skit and owned most of them. Maybe she doesn’t have a great future as a singer, but I bet she’s going to beat Kate Hudson in every audition from now on. I bet she gets a sitcom soon.

Then I saw her on Crossroads, which is an awesome concert series on the Palladia network. The show puts a country artist and a pop artist together on stage, and they mostly sing each others’ stuff. They paired her with Def Leppard. I thought, this ought to be entertaining. And it was–she’s a pretty good rock singer. Her voice is actually a little thin for country ballads, but let her belt it out and she’s just fine. Between songs, everyone gets interviewed and I thought, you know what, this is a nice, smart, hard-working girl. She writes a lot of her songs, and they’re pretty good as country songs go and she’s still just a kid.

In terms of smart and hard-working, she’s very much like Katy Perry. It’s the nice part where they part.

But people trash Swift like she’s a burgeoning Britney–dumb and vaguely slutty. But everyone thinks Katy Perry is so cute and clever and arch.

Maybe it’s the country music thing. Whatever it is, Taylor vs Katy is definitely a MaryAnn vs Ginger.

All you Katy/Ginger’s–I think you’re a bunch of secret fags.

Outlaw the Burqa

September 3, 2010

Many libertarians are against legislation pending in France to outlaw burqa/niqab wearing in public by Muslim women. The same libertarians are against efforts in America to stop building the ground zero “Muslim Center” in New York.

Except for a few dhimmi-leftist assholes who really are trying to bring down Western civilization, these same libertarians feel revulsion when they see a woman in a burqa or when they contemplate Muslims doing a touchdown dance on Ground Zero. They’re holding their noses and defending a principle, and that deserves a lot of respect.

But hold on…

Everyone, except perhaps me, agrees that in principle Muslims should have the legal right to build a mosque anywhere they want in America. I don’t grant that principle.

Post-9/11, we should outlaw Islam in this country like Germany outlaws Naziism. We should prosecute every Imam under RICO. We should treat Islam like the subversive criminal organization that it is. I’m totally serious.

I’m done with making fine distinctions between “moderate” and “radical” Muslims and trying to figure out which “radicals” are wearing “moderate” burqas. Hey, Muslims–make it really fucking clear yourselves.

Remember the last “moderate” Imam celebrated by the New York Times and other dhimmi dumbasses? Oh, yeah, he’s in Yemen now firing off underpants fizzle bombers and Times Square fizzle bombers and it turns out that some of the 9-11 Allahu Akbar late unlamented gang who couldn’t fly straight were showing up at his mosque regularly too.

This cunt Imam behind the “cultural center” in New York has had his string pulled, and he’s starting to unravel too.  Moderate my ass. Guess what, we can read Arabic now, you fuckers.

We’ll barely pass this blink test from the jihadis.

The mosque/cultural center won’t get built, but there will be plenty of little dhimmi American bitches like Bloomberg to give aid and comfort to the jihadists and muddy the message and give them hope.  They’ll say, The King of New York  Bloomberg just tossed our salad, this is just a random setback and we need only adjust our tactics, not get the hell out of town.

I wouldn’t piss on Michael Bloomberg unless he weren’t on fire.

(I really don’t get what Bloomberg is doing–what dog does he have in this fight? The Clintons, I get. Barely millionaires when they left office, they were the target demographic for Saudi subversion and payoffs. Bloomberg doesn’t need the money. My guess is he’s a horrible totalitarian egomaniac. This support of the GZM is grounded in nothing more serious than his other crackpottery like food Naziism. Bloomberg is just a whackjob who thinks that whatever he thinks is what everyone else should do. If New Yorkers re-elect Bloomberg, as Mencken said, Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want and they deserve to get it good and hard.)

Ok, back to the main point…

Islam is a difficult problem for Western democracies to deal with because Islam mind-fucks the categories by which we normally classify institutions.

If it is a religion, Islam should be afforded full First Amendment latitude in America.  But in its behavior and dynamics, Islam is more like the Mafia than like a Christian sect. In their intentions toward real citizens of the USA, Muslims are a lot like the Communist Party USA and the Symbionise Liberation Army. They intend to subvert and destroy the US Constitution and subject us to a totalitarian sharia regime.

As citizens, Muslims should be able to express their culture as they wish. But Muslims don’t believe in citizenship. Muslims didn’t get the Westphalia memo. They reject the whole idea of nation-state citizenship. They don’t recognize the legitimacy of any secular nation-state government. The idea of separation of church and state is as hard for them to wrap their heads around as sharia is for us. They live in the House of War, and they see themselves, more or less, as moles biding their time. Bottom line: Inasmuch as you are are a good Muslim in America, you are a bad American citizen. You long for the forced submission of the who-gives-a-flying-fuck-about-Allah infidels around you. Muslim kids planted here who want to come over to the other side are threatened with serious, real, fuck-your-life-up consequences. So they are on the DL and cunts like Bloomberg care nothing about their fear and longing to be Americans, not Muslims.

Islam is not a religion, as we here in America understand the term, and Muslims reject citizenship, as we here in America understand the term. Read that again a few times till you get it.

The implicit pact that Christian sects have made in America is to threaten each other with post-death hellfire, but to not fuck with each other before then. Muslims don’t accept this. Their attitude is, the moment we have sufficient political power in any country, we will go Conan the Barbarian on you.  Before that, we shuck and jive and Amos and Andy and test you from time to time to see how ready you are to be overrun. Like trying to build that fucked-up Ground Zero mosque. If that succeeds, Western people will die. It will embolden the rabid dogs of Islam who will treat the building as a sign of weakness. S

Here’s a difference between Muslim and Christian culture that you really need to get: In Christian culture, martyrdom is celebrated when a Christian refuses to renounce faith in the face of torture and death. Christians meekly submit to being murdered rather than hide who they really are. In Muslim culture, martyrdom is celebrated only when you take a bunch of the infidel bastards with you. Muslims feel no shame in blending in and strategically lying (they call it taqiyya) about their subversive intent.

If Islam is a religion, it’s the Borg of religions.

Islam is a totalitarian political ideology that happens to have some metaphysical beliefs. In its organizational structure and psychodynamics, it’s the bastard love child of Naziism and the Mafia. And let’s not forget that most Muslims are bigger fans of Hitler than is David Duke.

Every observant Muslim in America,  extremist or mainstream, is a subversive who is more or less actively committed to overthrowing the the government of the United States. Ignorant people, mostly liberals, who know nothing of Islam and think being Muslim is similar to being Methodist, will disagree with me. Please comment. I will educate you.

Of course, most Muslims in America will never strap on bombs or incompetently try to bomb Times Square. There is one respect in which American Muslims are similar to American Christians: most of them aren’t all that into their religion. They resent their religion but don’t have the courage to abandon it. And you can’t blame them. Leaving Islam is not like leaving Methodism. It’s more like leaving the Mafia. The consequences are harsh.

There is another respect in which American Muslims are similar to other Muslims, and it’s something we’re still in denial about. We think American Muslims are cuddly and are here because they love freedom and came here to get the hell away from the crazy Muslim world. A lot of them are–the ones who don’t attend services at a mosque, who are secular and hoping that nobody notices they used to be Muslim. Even in America, these defectors keep a low profile and are worried about being noticed by the vicious devout. I know several.

All mosques in America preach racism, hatred, misogyny and subversion, just like all mosques around the world do. I’d be happy to be proven wrong–let’s publish English translations of everything said in every mosque in America and around the world. Let’s hear about all the peace, love and understanding being preached every fucking Friday all across America. Let’s have Microphones for Mosques and let everyone in America hear how much they love the rest of us.

Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more American Muslims take up arms against us, running back to their fucked up home countries. Even Obama wants to kill these motherfuckers, but the ACLU is dhimmi-ing up to try to stop him.

Now that I’ve set context, let’s get back to banning burqas:

  •  There is not a single woman “voluntarily” wearing a burqa who wasn’t psychologically or actually raped from infancy. If you don’t agree, try to put your teen daughter in a burqa. Your daughter’s fierce fight against you if you tried that was snuffed out in these women before they were verbal. If your daughter came home with her boyfriend for Thanksgiving Dinner wearing a dog leash, what would you think? What would you do? When you see a woman in a burqa, you’re seeing someone a lot more than just dog-leashed.
  • Unless you’re really fucking stupid, you know that most women who wear burqas DON’T WANT TO. So you’re going to defend the few fucked up women who got sexually imprinted and get off on it and say fuck you to the majority who wish someone would give them an excuse to take off this oppressive, hot, humiliating dog collar?
  • I’m repeating myself, but what if you knew there was a Male Cult that trained female children since they were 3 years old to get used to being led down the sidewalk on all fours on a leash? And you saw those girls loping past you on the sidewalk? Would you do nothing? Would you say, I’m multi-culti tolerant and different strokes for different folks? Every woman in a burqa was a mind-fucked likely vaginally-raped little girl. You go ballistic about Mormon polygamists, and you let this pass?

Here’s the bottom line all you pretend libertarians:

A Muslim woman says she wants to dress up every day like she’s at a haz-mat site. Do you believe she’s making a free adult decision? Or do you try to rescue her?  Or do you try to give her a legal excuse not to wear that fucked up haz-mat suit without getting beaten up?

UPDATE: The French, the fucking French, just did what we don’t dare. They banned the Burqa. What’s it feel to feel like a dhimmi-pussy compared to the French, Bloomberg and the other political class punks in America? It probably feels pretty fucking great. That’s why I hate you guys.

UPDATE: The ground zero mosque Imam is exposed as a standard issue “moderate” Muslim: Truther-preaching, America-hating. Moderate muslims do exist, they’re not the Easter Bunny. But they back UBL and hate us.

Pigs Fly

September 2, 2010

Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican legacy, is in a primary death match with Joe Miller, the Sarah Palin-anointed out-of-nowhere challenger.

Miller, by all accounts so far, is a smart, serious guy with, as La Palin put it, “a great resume” and Murkowski is a second generation legacy incumbent Senator who stands for everything that revolts us about the Republican establishment. Seriously, she’s Nancy Pelosi in Marie Antoinette drag.

Murkowski’s  dad appointed her to his own Senate seat after winning as Alaska’s governor in 2002. This isn’t just nepotism, it’s political incest.

Even if Miller doesn’t unseat Marie A. Murkowski, this is a priceless election. Priceless like all those Internet parodies of the mastercard campaign.

Because A.M. Murkowski, a standard issue princess RINO, anticipating defeat, has quietly reached out to the Libertarian Party in Alaska, asking their candidate to step aside and anoint her in case she loses the Republican primary so she can still elbow her privileged way into the general election.

The current Libertarian candidate, starstruck, entered talks. The Libertarian establishment, horrified and delighted, told her to go fuck herself. And then leaked it.

Murkowski denies all this. She’s a liar.

I actually have seen how this works, having been involved in Libertarian Party politics when I was young and foolish.

Here’s what happens: the Democrats and the Republicans reach out to the spoiler parties who could make all the difference in a close election. From my lofty vantage point of controlling 2% of the vote as a federal candidate, I sure got my cock sucked a lot, mostly by Republicans. This is actually what keeps the third parties going: gratuitous blowjobs from people they hate. It makes you feel righteous, powerful and relaxed all at the same time.

Each major party has operatives whose job is to coopt the political dimbulbs in the minor parties into neutralizing their members, or, if they get lucky, and find a minor candidate party leader who really likes blowjobs, swing their members in a 2%-inch circle and encourage them to vote for the lesser of 2  evils because this time it really matters.

Inducing loathing, not just rejection, of the other major party candidate is the goal.  The message is “I may be a bastard, but he’s a child molester.” They actually spend quite a bit of money on open bars and friendly women to make minor party candidates implicitly join up on one side or another.  If there’s one thing the major parties believe in: every vote counts.

The new thing here is Barbie Lisa Marie Antoinette  “Mom on Arrested Development” Mulkowski is trying not only to coopt the Libertarians but is looking to them as a fallout shelter. The Republican brand is so fucked now that she has the desperate thought that she could win as a Libertarian based purely on hemophilic privilege and a “Let them eat cake” platform.

I love it that this is happening in Alaska and in Florida where Charlie Jesus H.  Crist is trying the same kind of play. From sea to shining sea I’m loving watching RINOs bolt.

I hope Miller wins. I hope all of Palin’s picks win.

Palin’s a lot like that octopus that picked the soccer world tournament athletic cup thing. You may not want an Alaskan octopus to run for President, but she’s pretty damn good at picking winners!