Karen Owen’s Little Black PPT Book

Karen Owen is the graduate in Slutty Studies from Duke University whose Powerpoint sent to her girlfriends about all the guys she fucked has now been posted all over the web. Go read it while you still can.

No doubt, Karen is toiling in and fucking her way through some big corporation now. I say that based on her PPT skills and the repetitive, anal-ytic template of the slides.

She rates various athletes at Duke on repetitive slides with bullet points for Introduction, Memorable Moments, Pro’s, Con’s and Final Score. For each of Karen’s conquests, she prepared at least one small-type slide with with a paragraph or two under each heading. Several fucktoys got multiple slides.

An abbreviated example:

Introduction:  My introduction to this Subject, baseball player uno, came on Halloween 2009, after two months of acting like a mature, responsible adult. I blame….blah blah blah

Memborable moments: I could not walk the next day. Could. Not. Walk. blah blah blah

Pro’s:  Did I mention I could not walk the next day? he was very well equipped… blah blah blah

Cons: He snored….blah blah blah

Raw Score: cut off on deadspin.com. Really. I’m guessing an 8.

For a minute there, I thought this page was about me, except I don’t play baseball anymore.

So I have some questions that I haven’t seen addressed elsewhere:

From my own PPT experience, I guess this took 10 or more hours of work. More work than your typical drunken blog post. Enough work that you’d sober up and delete it and if you still think this was a good idea sober the next day and probably the day after that…my point is, I bet this took more than a weekend to put together and it wasn’t a purely chemically-induced thing.

What motivated this woman to create this PPT and keep at it till it was ready? and send it to friends? Maybe the PPT was years in the making and sending it to her friends was a drunken decision? Why did she want her female friends (and/or the world) to know all the dirty details about her “walks of shame” and one-night-stands?

Is this bragging, confessing, vengeance, a calculated risky career move? (I rule out only confessing from the above list.)

The best case scenario in my mind is that she’s kind of a whacko whose self-esteem is entirely between her legs (a Gwen Stefani fan) and this PPT had been repeatedly revised for years and then one day she sent it out because she thought it was so clever and she’s totally surprised by how her friends agreed and sent it out and she’s just one more cautionary tale about how the web can suddenly turn its evil eye to you if you do something interesting and embarrassing.

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