The Chicago Way (Pussified Version)

The Obaminables are bringing a dull knife to a gunfight. You know how everyone keeps saying “unexpectedly bad” when new economic numbers come out each month? Well, despite all the rancor, pettiness and ineptitude that has come to characterize the Obama gang, this Democratic election campaign is unexpectedly bad.

Obama is a 12th grader who is so stupid he thinks beating up an 8th grader (Rush Limbaugh) followed by a 4th grader (Fox News) and then taking out a second grader (John Boehner) followed by a 1st grader (Karl Rove) proves that he’s versatile. It might have worked had he actually landed a single punch.

By accusing the US Chamber of Commerce of being funded nearly entirely by Thuggee cult murder money, without a shred of research, much less evidence, he’s become Public Enemy #1 for nearly all business owners.

By being such a bully, the White House has given Karl Rove a snarky pulpit from which Rove is scoring hit after hit on Obama and the morons who surround him. The morons who haven’t left yet, I mean. And millions of dollars are being sent to the Chamber and Rove to spread around to defeat more Democrats.

I turned the corner on Obama after his autistic reaction to the Ft. Hood mass murders. If anyone wants to convert me back to rooting for the Barackster by arguing he actually is autistic, I’m listening. Otherwise, I’m going with treating him like a dog because he’s a shallow over-privileged little bitch who never thought for one minute ever in his life about joining the military because he despises everyone who did.

Perhaps Obama deserves sympathy because he had no idea what he was getting into. Too bad. Marie Antonette wasn’t half as stupid, and look what happened to her. I can’t wait to see Obama creep out of the White House in 2012 and slither off into a pond somewhere to look for another ring of power.


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