Directive 10-289.8

Remember way back when Nancy Pelosi made one of her patented patently stupid remarks about the Obamacare bill:

We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.

Pelosi’s said a lot of vacant things. Most people think this was just more of her vacuousness.  But they’re wrong. Pelosi let the mask slip a little with this one.

Even if you were to read the Obamacare bill in its entirety you still wouldn’t understand what it mandates. The important stuff is all TBD (to be determined) by various government boards, committees, agencies and czars.

That’s why nobody in favor of this bill bothered to read it. It’s a blank check. That’s all they cared about. They knew in detail, cynically, deliberately, that they were passing a fascist bill that granted them the power to do whatever the fuck they please from now on one way or another. They’ll read it when they need it. Bend over and pray they appropriate a few hundred million dollars for lube.

The rule of law is even more important than freedom. The Democrats shit on the rule of law, and that’s why I hate them. They will send us back to barbarism if we don’t stop them.

The fact that they will die first with their martini glasses still in their hands gives me little comfort.

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