First thing we do, we kill all the teachers

Michelle Rhee has been ousted from the Washington, DC schools.

Think back to your own school days, if you’re an adult, or think now if you’re a kid. Most of your teachers sucked, didn’t they?  Or suck, don’t they?

Sure, there are great teachers. The 80% who suck use the great ones as human shields.

The majority of teachers in public schools in this country are neurotic, not as bright as most of their students, and economically beholden to a union and a system that protects their incomes at the expense of their pupils.

Teachers, more often than not, are incompetent, weird assholes. What should you expect? They’re subject to all the dynamics and incentives of bureaucrats working at the DMV except that teachers work with kids and so get to work out all their weird childhood shit on other people’s kids.

Everyone’s afraid to say this while still loving The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Wall because those movies tell the truth about school and schoolteachers. Those movies resonate because they out teachers as incompetent, weird assholes. We all know it, we just don’t want to admit it.

We all know that most of our elementary and high school teachers were dumbshits who wasted our time. We didn’t like them, didn’t respect them and they blamed that on us for being callow and immature.  But there were teachers we loved, and that love wasn’t callow and immature.

Most people still pay lip service to the idea that most teachers are wonderful. Most people reject their own experience and shovel their kids into the same bleak, boring hell that they survived. If you can’t understand why that happens, go read some Alice Miller.

Bottom line: teachers are overpaid. They have inflated, unwarranted self-esteem and no fucking idea of how little they work compared to most people.  80% should be fired outright. If you’re a teacher and this offends you, you’re who I’m talking about. If you think you’re safe hiding behind the skirts of your union, you’re wrong. Remember what Napster did to the record companies? The education establishment is next.

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