The jettisoning of Juan Williams from NPR for admitting that it still makes him nervous when he’s on a plane with people ostentatiously acting Muslim, is the best thing that’s happened in a long time.

We’re all nervous. Burn a Koran, book a flight, go to a coffee shop, draw a cartoon, we’re all nervous. Nobody knows which Muslim is going to off randomly. Muslims explode. Against Salman Rushdie, against cartoonists in Sweden or Seattle, incompetently in Times Square, brutally at Ft. Hood, and god help you if you’re Dutch.

If you offend “Islam” one of their crazy motherfuckers will chase you and try to kill you. “Moderate” Muslims will do or say not one goddamn thing about it. The moderate Muslims are horribly derelict in dealing with their “extremists.”

So if you admit you’re  nervous about murderous Muslims, that will get you fired.  Hey, leftie white-bread whte-bitch cunts who run NPR: ever heard the phrase “blaming the victim”?

NPR just flushed themselves down their own PC toilet. Let them eat All Things Considered.

NPR will be governmentally-defunded.

Way to overplay your hand.  Burn in hell NPR. Next to Air-America.

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