Confess, Heretic!

Where do labor unions get their money for political campaigns? Probably from their pension funds. So what? Laying down money on Democrats is a good bet/bribe.  If it pays off, you’ll replenish the coffers.

The Chamber of Commerce is spending a shitload fighting the unions this year. A shitload is about 40% of what the unions are spending.

Obama is trying to mark the Chamber’s money by claiming that much of what they’re spending is from evil, foreign, mustache-twiddling…guys.

As it turns out, if everything the Chamber spent was all of their foreign money, it would be about 1% of what they’re spending.

Obama demands that the Chamber disclose all its donors.

Fuck you, big ears.

Anonymous political speech is extremely important.

The authors of The Federalist Papers were anonymous.

Your individual voting ballot is anonymous.

Unless you are willing to have the government post your ballot online for all your neighbors to see, shut the fuck up about demanding the Chamber publish all its donors.

After Prop 8 in California, people lost their jobs because of the public disclosure rules about donations. Many faced harassment for their views  because McCarthyite gays looked them up and tracked them down. This was where I turned the corner and started voting against “gay rights.” Fuck you faggot fascists. You’re not oppressed when you can get other people fired for disagreeing with you, when you look up public records and harass people who don’t agree with you.  Gays are just another horrible, greedy special interest group now.

Austin Goolsbee had knowledge he shouldn’t have had about the tax status of groups opposed to Obama. He denied he’d gotten this information from the IRS. Everyone in the cud-chewing mainstream media moved along, nothing to see here. Goolsbee is a fucking obvious liar. This is another reason why you might want to have your political speech be anonymous.

Hey, Democrats, this is why we HATE you–you’re bringing back the times when people legitimately had to fear persecution for political opinion.

Democrats say that winning the political debate is all about money.  Spent on advertising. But they know it’s almost all about get-out-the-vote money.

Here’s where Democrat money is going: You go find all  the lazy motherfuckers who would vote your way but won’t bother, and you get them to the polls anyway. The Democrats, as the party of lazy motherfuckers, have a huge advantage in this respect.

Money spent trying to influence opinion doesn’t matter. It will resonate or it won’t. Money spent on vans to cart people to polls matters.

Democrats know how to spend money. Republicans think they should just spend money on ideological yapping and the rest will follow.

Nonetheless, I predict it will go much worse for Democrats this year than people think even now. If I’m wrong, y’all deserve what you get, and I will shoot you and eat you if you come around my house scrounging for food.

Anonymous political speech. I’m engaging in it right here. If you’re against it, please post your name and address. We’ll talk. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything wrong with your personal information.


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