Work, You Jerk!

Todd Henderson, a Chicago law professor with a medical doctor wife, posted a complaint about how Obama’s proposed tax increase on people making more than $250K a year would ruin his life.

I spent about 10 minutes just now looking for his original post and couldn’t find it. Evidently, he’s withdrawn from online because of the torrent of ridicule and abuse he’s gotten, and his wife is pretty pissed too.

From what I can gather, the Hendersons make about $400K a year gross. They pay $60K for private schools for their kids, $70K a year in house payments, and have big student loans. They both drive nice cars.  They probably pay about $200K in state and federal and other than sales taxes, all in.

Todd’s beef was that he’s basically having a hard time putting gas in his BMW and affording HBO. If taxes go up, well, then no more True Blood and he might have to learn to draft behind trucks.

Everyone’s focusing on the Hendersons’  income, on their choice to send their kids to an elite school, on him bitching about being broke from paying back student loans while living in a really nice house and driving a really nice car.

Let’s focus, just for a second, on the everyday lives of the Hendersons: Up before 6am to get the kids off to a demanding school–those kids won’t be a burden on society. She’s a doctor and working 12 to 14 hour days, six or seven days a week, I have no idea how hard law professors work but I hope it’s not like his wife–or who picks up the kids, monitors the homework, gets the dinner put together?

I don’t know how the Hendersons can handle this much stress year after year, but I see many people around me doing the same thing. They are also in Obama’s gunsights.

We romanticize the immigrants of decades ago who worked their fingers to the bone to give their kids a chance. We now abuse people who work just as hard to do the same thing, pe0ple like the Hendersons.

Forget how “fortunate” the Hendersons are with their nice cars and nice house: THEY WORK LIKE DOGS. They work smart, they give back huge value because they’ve made huge investments in their own skills. If you want to tax them more, you’re the devil.

You horrible, envious, lazy motherfuckers who think anyone making $400,000 a year is a fatcat–you’re overpaid and the Hendersons are underpaid. You work 8 hours and learn nothing to make yourself more productive in the other 16.You’ve never done a goddamn thing to improve yourself unless someone was paying you to do it. The Hendersons subsidize you and never resent you.

I wish the Hendersons would read Atlas Shrugged.

If you despised or laughed at Todd Henderson you are a horrible unworthy stupid  human being.

No exceptions. You are an asshole.


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