DADT 2010

The original Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was not a law passed by Congress. It was an executive branch directive, modifying the defense appropriation bill in Congress for 1994. This is kind of a complicated subject, but Clinton basically did the same thing that Bush got criticized for–“presidential findings” about bills passed by Congress that clearly modify Congressional intent.

The 1994 Congress clearly intended to ban gays from the military period, and Clinton overrode that with the DADT directive.

Now comes that lying sack of  big eared shit Obama saying that it’s up to Congress to repeal DADT, and more in sorrow than in anger, the executive branch can’t help you faggots. In fact, my branch’s  legal duty is to continue to fuck with you. And we will continue to do so until Congress makes us stop.

Seriously, gays, get a fucking clue. Do you want to be Democrat cannon fodder like women, Hispanics and blacks? Do you want to accept unfulfilled promises decade after decade like those other idiot interest groups do, as long as they pat you on the head and blame whatthefuckever for why they never seem to actually help you? (On the Republican side, the pro-lifers are just as easily co-opted.)

Obama could end DADT tomorrow. Just by telling his Justice Department to go limp like they did on Black Panther voter intimidation. He might even be able to override and replace Clinton’s directive.  I don’t really know all the legal in’s and out’s. Nobody does anymore in this soupy swamp of multi-thousand page bills and directives and findings and regulations that the ruling class uses to fuck with us. I’m just saying, Obama gets what Obama wants and he doesn’t want gays in the military. He doesn’t want gays anywhere.

Barack Obama doesn’t like gays. Deep down in his heart of hearts, he holds his nose when it comes to pretending to defend gay rights. In fact, he despises gays almost as much as he despises soldiers.

Gay soldiers? Double EEEEEWWWWW!


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