The Word jihad

Barack Obama, vacationing in India, once again made it no wonder that 20% of the American people think he’s a Muslim.

Barack was asked about jihad, and he said that it was doe, a deer, a female deer, ray, a drop of golden sun…

Let’s get really fucking clear about what jihad means, and it’s not about means but about ends.

It means everyone everywhere in the world submitted to Islam eventually.

The jihad rules are, when you can take over by force, that’s what you do. When you’re in the minority, you do the taqqiya shuffle and pretend you love whitey. When you think a society is near the tipping point, you blow your stupid self up, create chaos, push push push.

It doesn’t matter where you think Islam is in its campaign to take over America. It’s about where they think they are. What does 9/11 say about their view? or the Ground Zero mosque? Muslims think they are winning and that encourages them to be increasingly violent.

Muslims have no moral compunctions when dealing with infidels.

All Muslims, moderate or  fanatic, are looking for ways to subvert, coopt and destroy other cultures, other beliefs. Or they’re not good Muslims. Muslims have morals when dealing with infidels like we have morals when dealing with farm animals. Your Muslim neighbor doesn’t see you as really human.

Muslim jihad is different from wanting everyone else to think like you do. Muslims have a duty of jihad. You just occasionallhy get too drunk and try to tell everyone what they should think.

And there are only practical, not moral, limits on what Muslims may do to subjugate the rest of us. In practical terms, the duty of jihad means probe, pry, push every day in every way to weaken and overcome infidel societies. Murder is not outlawed–it’s not murder if you kill an infidel.

Christians have a hard time understanding how subversive Islam is because Christians have the idea of ostentatious martyrdom embedded in them. As a Christian, you’re supposed to die rather than renounce or hide your beliefs in front of your enemies. Muslims, rightly, think this is asinine.

In Islam, you’re a martyr only if you take several infidels to their deaths with you. Martyrdom is tactical, not moral. Muslims have no moral problem with dissembling or pretending they don’t believe what they believe. Muslims revere skillful subversion.

Jihad is being waged against America. Maybe it’s a matter for a flyswatter.  Seriously, I can’t imagine anyone here wearing burkhas except on Halloween, like I did with a big picture of Mohammed on the front wearing a Star of David necklace. But then there’s 9/11 and Ft. Hood…

These assholes think their chances are good here, and as long as they think so, we will have to deal with them in their ugliest form.

And President Big Ears just gave them more hope.

I don’t give a flying fuck what Obama believes spiritually. But I will say this: sure as hell, he’s no Christian in any meaningful way. Never once have I heard Obama say anything uniquely Christian and neither have you. George Bush, there’s your Christian.

Obama isn’t Muslim. He’s Dhimmi. And he’s going to get more Americans killed kissing shaved stinky Muslim ass. Obama has just emboldened these homicidal retards.

Nice job, Big Ears.

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