Barack Obama, First and Last

The Obama administration has had a shameful, pathetic record on race issues.

If there was one thing I thought these guys would get right, it was this. That’s how goddamn dumb I am.

Actually, I’m so goddamn dumb that I came this close to voting for Obama. Instead, I wrote in Palin as the only one on the major tickets not supporting TARP. Recently, La Palin has said she supports TARP. So fuck me.

Obama’s Justice Department has deep-sixed videotaped Black Panthers with billy clubs intimidating voters and decided to go after Chris Christie for $2K in motel overcharges.

You know what, I’m sick of black people who think of themselves first as black people. Seriously. 90% of blacks vote purely by skin color or whether they’ll get more okra on the Democrat plantation. That’s racist and shameful. I’m tired of blacks winning the Crime Olympics running away year after year. I’m tired of blacks coming in last place in the Marriage Olympics year after year. And black girls coming in first place in the I-Had-A-Baby-Out-Of-Wedlock-For-No-Goddamn-Good-Reason-AGAIN Olympics.

It will be a long time before white people like me who don’t really give a shit about race and want fairness and who got a tear in our eyes when Obama got inaugurated will get sentimental like that again. Dick Holder’s racist Justice Department is a disgrace.

How’s that for not being cowardly and talking candidly about race?


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