Just for today, I don’t hate everybody

I did a little shopping at Fred Meyer this afternoon. The VFW was set up inside the door, handing out flyers listing items deployed soldiers need or would appreciate–everything from tubes of Pringles to anti-fungal foot cream. The flyer convienently listed the aisle where each item could be found.

Most of the items listed were sold out. I had to work to find high-value items. As I shopped, I noticed that there were people obviously looking for items, marking off things on the flyer. Definitely more than half the people in the store still had the flyer in their hands. And you should have seen the pile of grocery bags near the door from people who’d already shopped.

Here’s to Fred Meyer for allowing this. They weren’t making the VFW workers stand out in the cold either, but had given them plenty of space near the doors. Write and let them know you appreciate it.


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