Jimmy InHoffa

Republican Sentor Jim Inhofe has been fighting his ass off to keep earmarks. His official website is down right now. I don’t know whether it’s because he’s too chickenshit to take any more angry voter email or whether the angry voter email knocked him offline. I wrote him a couple of days ago to tell him to knock it off. And I did it reasonably politely, and with compelling arguments.

He should have listened to me.  He’s now the first Republican who’s getting his ugly mug on a Tea Party WANTED poster.

Yesterday, I was willing to admit that it was possible Inhofe lost rock/paper/scissors and had been picked to be Mitch McConnell’s little bitch and take one for the team. I even felt a little sorry for him.

But after McConnell got his ass kicked on the straw vote, and gracefully bowed to the inevitable, Inhofe got up again in the Senate still arguing about it. Even Obama publicly applauded the Republican no-earmarks moratorium.  It’s going to pass. What the hell does Inhofe think he ‘s doing?

There’s something deeply wrong about Inhofe’s continuing this. Makes you think he owe’s the Mafia a favor and is afraid of having his legs broken if he doesn’t bring home some already-picked-out piece of pork. Or maybe he is just that damn dumb. Or nuts. I don’t care. There isn’t a not-creepy explanation for what he’s doing.

He needs to be targeted and removed in 2012. If we don’t take him out, the Republicans will think Tea Party anger has cooled off in a couple of years, and start thinking they can fuck with us again. This will be a real test of Tea Party focus because Inhofe is the darling of the social conservatives: he denies global warming, is loudly pro-life and is frequently rated the most socially conservative member of the Senate.

If the social conservatives re-elect him, then we know the social conservatives don’t really give a shit about the Tea Party–they are there to co-opt it, and will walk away when it doesn’t serve to get their right wing wackos elected anymore.

Finally, if you are a social conservative, can you tell me which changes in public policy on your social issues are due at least in part to Inhofe’s work? All he does is rub your bellies. Quit acting like you’re the dog of anyone who promises to color your world. The biggest danger to your social values is the size of government–you’ll have a lot more influence and freedom to advance your social agenda in a smaller-government environment. You will be muzzled and you will lose more than you have already if government in this country continues to grow. There is no more important issue than shrinking government to restore economic sanity. Anybody who is on the right side of that issue is your ally. We’ll start squabbling again about social issues after we make sure there’s still a free society to have issues in.

At this moment, there is nobody in Congress it’s more important to fire than James Inhofe. Let’s bury his career under a stadium in New Jersey.


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