All you right-wing people who treat being pro-life as a litmus test are stupid little piggies being led around by the pro-life ring in your stupid piggie snouts.

The Republicans haven’t done jack shit about this issue. But they keep you snuffling and following them because you hope they will. It’s just like how the Democrats keep the fags and fag hags in line by pretending they give a flying fuck about gay issues.

Gay or pro-life, you’re reliably stupid, addicted to rhetoric and you never measure results.

Republicans would be in huge trouble if they ever actually solved the abortion problem. What next to keep you hamsters on the treadmill? They are completely invested in running in place and making you pro-lifers never give up hope. Democrats exploit gays and gay sympathizers the same way.

 All of you morons who are about social issues: you’re idiots who are making it hard for the rest of us to solve real problems.


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