Read My Lips

No New Taxes.

The numbers you keep hearing  from government sources about how we can’t balance the budget if you and I don’t accept new taxes are based on continuing to pay people who should be fired and programs that should be discontinued.

None of the numbers that politicians are trying to get you to believe are real.

They’re just trying to get you to back off so they can keep their jobs. We could cut 20% of federal payroll right now and nobody except those who lose their jobs would notice. We could cut 50% and we’d go, Ok, fine, I can’t get federal publications about how to do this and that from Pueblo, Colorado. Other than that, amazing how many good jobs there are suddenly in my home town.

No more, I’m done, fuck you, Federales. If you work for the government, and you want to keep doing it, get ready for a 30% pay cut. If you object to that, get ready to be fired.

Seriously, I’m coming for you, and yes, I want your kids to starve.


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