A New Liberal Meme Is Circulating

I sense the beginnings of a concerted spin campaign among prominent liberals: both MSNBC and Fox News are pernicious influences on American society and we’d be better off with both of them gone.

A couple of days ago, Jay Fockerfeller unveiled the new elevator pitch. Then, today, Jimmy Carter made the exact same point (substantively, not verbally–these guys are sophisticated enough to keep this from looking like a form letter campaign).

Having gotten their asses handed to them over and over by Fox, they’re now ready to sacrifice their pawn in exchange for our Queen.

Fox and MSNBC are not alike. I watch them both. Keith Olbermann is much more of a bomb throwing psychopath than Glenn Beck. I mean, Beck isn’t a psychopath. He’s somewhat excitable and his views are certainly to the right of the mainstream, but he doesn’t spew perpetual hatred and venom at the Left like Olbermann vomits at the right every night.

Watch both networks, just to observe the attitude and language used about their political enemies.  And it’s not just Olbermann vs Beck. Look at the rest of the lineup, and the MSNBC anchors consistently are far more openly, vitriolically partisan and ideological than are the Fox anchors. Sorry, liberals, it’s true.

If you disagree, here’s your homework: Watch both carefully and honestly, just for a day, with a notebook to mark down each “those guys will ruin the country if we don’t stop them” attack–rate frequency, intensity and whether or not there’s an implication that good people can disagree about this. I predict you’ll be shocked and embarrassed.

(BTW, if you do report that Fox is worse, I’m going to do the same homework, in detail, and publicly prove you wrong. So don’t be a cheating asshole and make me have to take time out to monitor all the shows on both networks. Thank you.)


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