Tom DeLay does not pass Go, does not collect $200

Meanwhile, corrupt tax evader Charlie Rangel continues his sympathy tour, handing out Thanksgiving turkeys to constituents (I shit you not) and is highly unlikely to be prosecuted on the tax charges.

Maxine Waters continues to dudgeon, 24 x 7. Yes, she’s managed to turn dudgeon into a verb.

DeLay, not my favorite guy in the world, may go to prison for technical violations of election finance laws. He got no personal benefit. He thought he was coloring inside the lines. I’m sure liberal glee over DeLay’s fate will rival that of the mob that pelted Esmerelda on her way to the gallows.

An aside: In the last few days, I’ve made it a point to listen to a lot of liberal talk radio and to watch MSNBC. Maybe I’m just hitting them at the wrong moments, but nearly every time I change the channel or tune the dial, I immediately hear jejune personal insults and 5th grade sexual jokes about whoever on the right is the current subject of discussion.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy childish taunting and ridicule. It’s one of the few things in which I excel. I’m just saying let’s knock off all this longsuffering kumbaya liberal stereotype bullshit. Liberals have turned mean, mean like me.

Randi Rhoades is going on last night on my way home from work about how George Bush Sr and Jr are a couple of crybabies for showing emotion in public, and that George Sr is probably crying because he probably thought that old battle-axe Barbara would be dead by now. Seriously, that was Rhoades, not her callers, and I’m very closely paraphrasing and she used the term “battle-axe.” The callers rose to the bait and it got uglier. Then they started in on the Palins and abortion and who should have gotten one, and you get the idea.

In the liberal echo chamber, people like me are just dumb AND evil AND parochial AND reactionary. They’re as annoyed at us as is a farmer at a mean-tempered pig.

Ah, that pig metaphor got me to an epiphany:

Liberals have become prigs. I like the Wikipedia definition of prig:

prig (pronounced /ˈprɪɡ/, sometimes spelled prigg) is a word people use to describe someone they believe shows an inordinately zealous approach to matters of form and propriety; especially where the prig has the ability to show superior knowledge to those who do not know the protocol. They see little need to consider feelings or intentions of others, relying instead on established order and rigid rules to resolve all questions.

Priggish-ness can be viewed as a symptom of institutionalisation, whether it be in politics, the armed forces or public school.

A prig is generally a passive-aggressive, instigating fights rather than partaking of them. The prig is a survivor and will unconsciously attach to any group that seems to further their prospects.

The prig undertakes all projects with a definite sense of smugness

Liberals ridiculing Palin are just like stereotypical upper-class preppies ridiculing scholarship students from poor families. Speaking of ridicule, watch the movie Ridicule to breathe in the effete contempt and underlying panic that American liberalism feels now. American liberals are this close to letting the mask slip and screaming “Let them eat cake!” They sense the wind displacement of the guillotine, but it doesn’t make them pull their heads out.

Anyhow, they’re burning DeLay as a heretic against McCain-Feingold or whatever other fucked-up federal rules and regulations he tried to tapdance over. They’re talking a life sentence for this heresy.

This is going to be interesting and important.


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