All men should watch What Not To Wear

I’ve never watched WNTW before, but I have the day off and I couldn’t stand Fox, MSNBC and CNN any more.

Men typically don’t get it about how much and in what ways appearance really matters to women. This show shows it. All kinds of useful information here, predation-wise.

But more than that, I’m kinda gettin’ it and I kind of like and feel bad for (some) of these women. Yes, WNTW is gay and stupid and PC and all that. They say shit like “Sweetie, you are not heavy.” Uh, yeah, if a skinny bitch on TV calls you Sweetie, then Sweetie, you’re heavy.

If you don’t think women are different from men, well, you’re fucking stupid, but other than that this show will make you look at the woman on the couch next to you and think, not say, Wow, you really are that crazy! Now I get it! I can use this….

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