More on Rapist-scan and the TSA

Gonzalo Lira walks through the health hazards, statistical risks, crony capitalism (Chertoffad the scanner  manufacturer Rapiscan) and the futility of the new TSA gate-rape regime. Embedded in his post is a video demonstrating what a small amount of thermite can do, and how simply it may be concealed.

NOTE: the scanner demonstrated in the video appears to be an infrared scanner, and the backscatter and millimeter scanners may be more effective at detecting concealed objects. But not if they’re stuffed up your ass–where all the ingredients for a devastating thermite bomb will, more or less comfortably, fit.

Lira also points out that the scanners can’t detect objects concealed in folds of skin. Thus the requirement that travelers raise their arms above their heads to prevent armpit contraband. What about hugely obese people? “Ma’am, I’m afraid I’m going to have to probe your pannis…”

What is thermite? I’ts pretty much just a mixture of aluminum dust and ordinary rust.

How hard is it to make thermite? Can you mix rust and dust together in the right proportions? Then you can make thermite. You can even knead it into Play-Do to make it moldable.

Where do you get the aluminum powder? Break open a few Etch-a-sketches. Buy it on eBay. I’ll leave it to you to figure out how to collect a handful of rust dust.

How do you light it? The sparks made by thumbing a disposable cigarette lighter can do it, if you’re not too worried about getting burned. Cut off an inch of a 4th of July sparkler and use that as an igniter if you want something surer and safer.

What happens when you ignite it? You get a surprisingly long-lasting fire that burns at about 5000 degreees Fahrenheit. It will melt (and can ignite) steel. If you do it right, you can even make it explode. It burns in the absence of oxygen and it’s pretty futile to throw water on it too.

Still think the new machines make much if any difference in safety?


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