Ban the Burkha

Yeah, I know, I keep belaboring this point. I’m going to keep on till most people get it.

Parapundit makes a great point:

How to reconcile liberal support for multi-culturalism with liberal support for liberalism? A set of values that is not the same as the liberal set of values in some way is incompatible with liberalism. The liberal view of multi-culturalism seems to be rooted in a condescending view that liberalism is the modern global form of manifest destiny. Confronted with cultures which are anti-liberal at their core liberals ignore the deep-rootedness of inter-cultural differences and assert that when members of all other cultures are transferred into Western countries they will not pose a problem for liberalism. Rather, liberals save their powder for native Western conservatives as the real enemies. I think this is the height of folly.

Burkhas are like gang colors but worse. It’s like the guys in the gang tagged the girls because they’re too pussy to wear their colors themselves. Yeah, I’ve said that very thing before and it’s still true.

The President Toonces contingent thinks that we should deal with Muslim violence as a police problem. That’s why Toonces is summarily executing people who summarily piss him off. In this too, it’s the Chicago Way.

What Toonces needs is an anti-gang squad.


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