What’s next?

A lot of people are saying the brouhaha about the  TSA Rapis(T)Scan machines is ridiculous. People who are going ballistic about this (like me) are nutty, slippery slopers who see totalitarianism lurking under every government action.

I’m not nutty. I cop to the rest.

The TSA set up a roadblock outside Atlanta and used their new technology to peer inside passenger vehicles and passengers. They said they were mostly looking at panel trucks. It’s clearly implied that this may not be the first time, and certainly won’t be the last time, these assholes swoop in and gang-rape the 4th Amendment.

But the operation, which also involves the Transportation Security Administration, is top-secret before it happens, Minerly said.

“We don’t advertise when they’re going to happen or when they’re going to be,” Minerly said.

Mostly trucks were being checked, Minerly said. Shortly before 6 p.m., nothing had been recovered in the operation, he said.

“There’s no specific threat,” Jon Allen, regional spokesman for the TSA, told the AJC.

Oh, and they descended on a bus station. Amtrak, so far, has been spared. But it’s clear beyond reasonable doubt that the TSA is gearing up to get us to accept their bullshit on any public transport.

To be really clear, these latest in in a long train of abuses, were not just terrorist hunts. They were conducted in collusion with other LEA’s and they were busting people for anything that any involved agency thought within its purview. Drugs, immigration, etc.

They’re calling this VIPR. If you read Michael Connelly novels, you’ll appreciate how hilarious police agencies are when they try to come up with menacing acronyms.  Evidently, macho acronyms are the first refuge of the jackbooted dipshit. VIPR means Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response. Really, that’s what it means.

Intermodal? Is that even a word? Yes, it is. Go look it up and you’ll stop laughing.

Finally, check this out. I don’t much care about the risk of cancer from getting screened too many times. Or that they’ll fuck up the calibration and give some kid a sunburn. What I care about is the fact that these machines can be software updated to give you a full internal scan. And I promise you when they reprogram them to catch bombs up someone’s ass, and that gives you a major x-ray dose, they won’t really give a shit.

For all you truly stupid people who still aren’t getting it, notice that the bus and highway intercepts weren’t just about catching terrorists. They were about busting illegals, druggies, anybody who breaks any of the government rules. If this doesn’t scare you, please proceed up the chute where the nice man with the hammer will be waiting for you. I’m that nice man. Seriously, I’d like to hit you in the head with a hammer.


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