National Opt-Out Day: Fizzle or blink?

All I saw on TV and all I heard on the radio last Wednesday was that nobody was “opting out” of the Rapis(T)(ScAnners and everything was moving along just fine at every airport. Then come widely scattered reports in a few newspapers and many blogs that indicate the TSA blinked and decided not to play with their new toys that day. It’s pretty hard to fight the power if the power cowers.

If the blogs are right, and we don’t need a WikiLeak to guess that they probably are, then what does that say about the TSA’s commitment to security uber alles? The only place I’ve heard they were all fascist is Omaha. Omaha? Really, you fuckers? Lots of terrorists in and out of Omaha.

By the way, not to give anybody any ideas, but why hasn’t a terrorist blown themselves up in the middle of a crowded TSA security line? Wouldn’t that cause even more panic, disruption and chaos than blowing up a plane? Imagine what the airports would have to do to prevent large groups of unscreened people from forming.

How about a splodey-dope pulling the ripcord in a crowded Wal-Mart on Black Friday? Or in the cheap seats at a major league baseball game?

Why aren’t these things happening? This kind of crap happens to the Israelis and Iraqis and Pakis all the time. Europe’s been hit a few times too, and has stopped some pretty serious plots. Here, we have mostly amateurs and idiots who set their feet and their pee-pees on fire.

I’m not asking a rhetorical question here–think about it.

UPDATE 2016: Question answered. Don’t blame me. It’s not like ISIS reads this.

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