Thad Cochran – Republican Senator from Mississippi

Thad Cockroach isn’t up for rejection till 2014. He’s old as hell. If we’re lucky, he’ll die before then from all the pork he’s been consuming.

Citizens Against Government Waste rates him the top porker in the Senate this year. Yep, he beat out all Democrats.

He voted against the earmark ban, shocker.

He’s a slimy political animal. Let’s put him down.

UPDATE 2016: I was subpoeona’ed by the Congress cops for this post. They demanded Google turn over everything they knew about me because they called this a death threat. The ACLU defended my anonymity. Several other organizations who putatively defend Internet free speech declined to, including the EFF.  I have never been a detractor of the ACLU, and I’ve learned a lot about them since then. They are definitely the most cost-effective and organized civil rights organization out there. If you disagree with their ideology, conservative cucks, you should ask them to tell you how they are so good at what they do. They will try to help you.

UPDATE 2016, part deux: Since I called out The Thad as one of the worst of the worst, he’s gotten even worse. The Republican Establishment cheated to help him keep his reliably corrupt seat against a courageous challenger and now Cochroach (Cochran is Gaelic for Cockroach, I bet you didn’t know that) is universally reviled outside the Beltway. I got there first, let me remind you.

Cockroach isn’t the most evil human being on the planet. Hell, he’s not the worst human being in his district. But because of his position, he deserves all the contempt and excoriation that can be heaped on him. He’s John Boehner’s “Picture of Dorian Gray.” When Thad is gone, and I don’t care when, I just hope it’s long and horrible before he expires, if they bury him in a public cemetery, I will make it a point to visit his benighted state, drink lots of local beer and, after my kidneys have finished savoring the hops, share that beer with Thad and his grave marker.


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