Is President Toonces melting down?

The bizarre press conference with Bill Clinton makes me wonder if the rumors about Obama’s erratic behavior are true. There’s no question who the alpha dog was.

The first time I knew, not suspected, that there was something deeply wrong in the President’s character and everyday judgment was his equally bizarre reaction to the Fort Hood Muslim terrorist shootings.

Yesterday’s performance was even more disturbing because if there’s one thing Obama is about it’s image. He let Bill Clinton punk him in public. And I mean let. He got out-played because he didn’t really give a damn. He came off as passive, disengaged and hen-pecked as people have been saying.

And fuck that compulsively narcissistic competitive asshole Bill Clinton for deliberatelyupstaging a sitting President.

Maybe I should stop calling him President Toonces and call him President Naonka from now on. Maybe he’ll get a second wind, but I doubt very seriously that he’s going to be on the 2012 ballot. But that’s a minor issue.

There are multiple crises brewing, any one of which could go DEFCON1 from a random spark. Obama’s contempt for and incomprehension of the military, his disinterest in foreign policy, and now his manifest psychological alienation from the demands of his job, are tinder and temptation for all the assholes in the world who want to topple him. Including Bill Clinton.


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