Kill a Republican for Christmas

81 to 19. Only 5 Republicans voted against the “compromise” tax bill.

In a feckless Congress that does nothing more than kick the can down the road, what should I expect?

Here’s what I fucking expect: There was no reason to compromise with Obama. So Republicans shouldn’t have. How can you explain them doing it?

The new brooms were about to sweep in. Let withholding taxes go up for a couple of weeks in January. The Republicans could go Mighty Mouse and save the day.

No, instead, the Republicans demonstrated their loyalty to the system, their willingness to play political games for future electoral advantage.

We’ll see what happens when the new guys show up, but I’m not optimistic. Paul Ryan’s already been co-opted. Hey, Paul, you fucking dumbass–if you play the game at all, you automatically lose.

I’m thinking about doing whatever it takes to kill the Republican Party. The new guys have about 3 months to stop me from working to to get Obama re-elected.

If we’re not going to fix it, let’s bring it down before I’m too old to shoot straight.


One Response to Kill a Republican for Christmas

  1. Llama John says:

    You’re already too old to shoot straight.

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