The Metaphysics of Gun Control

We won’t find common ground on gun control because it’s about conflicting worldviews.

I will call the first worldview, Eeek! A gun!

I will call the second worldview, Eww! a dead bad guy is getting blood all over my shoes!

Bet you can’t guess which worldview I’m in.

The first worldview is that we’ll reduce violence by taking guns away from people. Disarming good people is worth it if you catch bad people in the net. In fact, most bad people wouldn’t find another way to do significant violence if they didn’t have guns. How many bad people would be able to take out 20 people at once with a knife?

The second worldview is that the genie is out of the bottle and the best way to deal with the minority of bad people with guns is to make them worry about being surrounded by a lot of good people who have guns. In a shopping mall. On a street. In a restaurant. At school, for Christ’s sake.

I live in a concealed carry state. I don’t carry. I’m a lazy, selfish sonofabitch. I’m starting to feel guilty about not carrying after the Arizona debacle. Concealed carry is not about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting your community. You’re more likely in this wonderful country to be a witness to violence than a victim of violence.

Give back. Carry.

UPDATE 2016: I have a CCP, I’ve spent a fair amount of time and money getting trained, and I still seldom carry a firearm. In the last few months, I’ve realized I feel competent to carry, after a couple of years of training. I do carry pepper spray and sharp weapons, and the only thing really stopping me from carrying a firearm regularly is shelling out the bucks for a good carry gun, one that is small enough to conceal without having to wear cargo shorts and an untucked Hawaiian shirt everywhere I go.

I also no longer believe in concealed carry as a public duty to protect your fellow citizens, except as a statistical deterrent to the bad guys. . The more training I’ve gotten, the less I care about protecting strangers who refuse to protect themselves.



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