Katie Couric – Leni Riefenstahl Lite

Everyone’s focusing on how Katie Couric is so fucking stupid for her suggestion that we should have a Muslim version of the Cosby Show to make Americans love Muslims like Cosby made us love blacks. I know, I know, that stupid pointless bitch thinks that we were all wearing Klan robes till we saw Cosby and realized that black people can load the dishwasher at night too.

Katie is dumber than a box of anchors.

The important thing here is that this stupid bitch is advocating deliberate propaganda. While Tunisia and Egypt are being overrun right fucking now by Muslim monsters.

She’s like Leni’s retarded sister. She’s worse than that. She’s like one of the hydrocephalic sluts in a Road Warrior movie cheering on the bad guys.

God, I’d like to Thoroughly Modern Milly Couric’s stupid ass to Saudi Arabia and see if she can Claire Huxtable her way into a sitcom deal.

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