What a shitty week it was

I agreed with Rahm Emmanuel and Al Sharpton this week.

It’s BS that they’re trying to stop Rahm from running for mayor of Chicago based on him not having technical residency. Nice job, new-birthers. If people in Chicago want to elect Rahm, that’s what they should get. As HL said, Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want and they deserve to get it good and hard.

And Al Sharpton went after that right-wing douchebag Rick Santorum, after Santorum said that black people should, of all people, especially Obama, be anti-abortion. Rick’s had a pretty hard time explaining why he said that, so let me help Rick’s stupid lily white ass out:

Blacks in America abort their fetuses at a much higher rate than whites. It’s kind of like the Chinese aborting girls. Except blacks abort everything that could cause a child support order unless the mom outweighs the dad. The weight disparity is the only thing that keeps the black not-birth rate from going to 98%.

Anyhow, unless you’re a really stupid black, you would realize this is genocide.

Seriously, that’s exactly what Rick was thinking. Well, I added the crack about fat chicks. Other than that, that’s what Santorum was saying.

I don’t agree with Rick’s secret thoughts that led to his blurt, but I’m still trying to articulate why I don’t agree. Anyway, when Al Sharpton kicks your ass in a debate, you’re a stupid motherfucker. Rick Santorum is a stupid motherfucker.

And black people, seriously, you need to take a good look at your statistics. Crime, unemployment, single mothers, abortions, shitty rap songs…. Seriously, aren’t you getting tired of leading everyone else on all of the above?


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