Biden The Dimbulbsman

That lying, plagiarizing pinhead of a Vice-President has been relegated by President Toonces to being a cheerleader for building a lot of useless rail all over the place.

We hadn’t heard Toonces was a train enthusiast till the State of the Union speech and until he hired Herr Immelt of General Electric to be in charge of American business. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. I hope they at least build all the new rail out of Reardon Metal.

Oh, yeah, Joltin’ Joe Biden (really, isn’t it obvious he’s had more than one electroshock treatment?) was waxing eloquent about how awesome Amtrak is, talking about how he takes the train all the time and loves it and how when ever he hears somebody bitching about the train being late, he runs up and cleans their clock for them. I’m paraphrasing, but closely: “Hey, you’re mad because the train’s 5 minutes late? you should try going to the airport! That’s what I tell ’em! Hell, I’m Amtrak’s ombudsman!”

Ok, first, that anecdote, like all of Biden’s anecdotes, is a fucking lie. Didn’t happen. He made it up. He’s been busted over and over again for similar folksy lying. He is the very model of a modern major pathological fucking liar.

Second, assuming he’s ever ridden Amtrak before Obama told him last week to go out and buy a newspaper, then he must have heard enough people bitching and moaning about how much it sucks that he got defensive and felt like he might ought to say something.

Third, he doesn’t know what the fuck a fucking ombudsman is. An ombudsman is not a shill for an organization who defends it against its customers. An organization has an ombudsman to keep itself honest–to take in complaints from customers and outsiders and investigate them without regard to the organization’s interests.

Finally, all you Biden defenders out there, including President Toonces:  I can’t think of any other politician who more transparently exemplifies every deadly pathology of politicians than Biden, except perhaps for James Trafican.  Biden is a litmus test. If you take him seriously, I will not take you seriously. About anything. Ever. Jesus.

If you don’t think that President Toonces choice of Biden for VP says something about Toonces, then you probably don’t think Jim Bakker’s choice of Tammy Faye said anything about him either.


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