Pew on Muslims

Pew Research has results of a poll of Muslims around the world.

There’s a lot more in the poll. But I’m going to focus on the hundreds of millions of Hamas/Hezbo fanboys.

Just to narrow the field of fire, let’s say, for purposes of discussion, that American Muslims aren’t like Muslims wherever Muslims are in charge. Let’s say that if you’re an American Muslim, you probably were sick and fucking tired of living in stinky, repressive, medieval Muslim-created shithole countries and so you moved here to get away from them. Unless you moved here to learn to fly planes well enough to take off but not to land.

I’m still a little puzzled about why you American Muslims haven’t wiped your fucked-up excuse for a religion off your shoes like dogshit before coming into our house, but whatever.

In the “Muslim world” (what color is the sky in that world? blood and black?) about half of Muslims will admit to getting a cheap thrill up their leg about terrorist organizations. Even in supposedly moderate Jordan.

BTW, what the fuck does it mean to be a moderate Muslim? Seriously, I want a goddamn table of moderate versus extremist Muslim views. CAIR? Bueller?

Here, thought experiment: Let’s say we’re going to define moderate Mafia beliefs.  We’d ask some T/F some questions like this:

  • If you catch a rat, you should kill him and also kill his family.
  • If you catch a rat, you should only kill him, not his family.

I’m sure Mafia moderates wouldn’t kill the family. Like 80% of mafia guys would go, really, Boss, I have to off his kids too? Ok, Boss, want me to bring back pizza?

If moderate Islamic views aren’t defined by a large plurality or majority of Muslims believing something, what does define Islamic moderation?

I’ll answer: In the mind of the US government, Islamic moderates are the minority of Muslims around the world who aren’t batshit crazy racist assholes who believe in stoning and maiming. They want the rest of us to think that the moderates are any day now going to get control of the batshit brigade.

Muslim moderates are a tiny scared-shitless minority. Even in America. Like I’ve said before, Islam is a criminal gang, not a religion. Apostasizing from Islam is like leaving the mafia, only there’s no Witness Protection Program for Muslim apostates or for those who insult this criminal gang, as that poor little cartoonist girl in Seattle recently discovered.

Seriously, people, start thinking of Muslim clerics as vicious crime bosses, not religous leaders, and it will all start to make sense.

Half of all Muslims in the world cheer terrorism. More, if Pew hadn’t red-shirted Pakistan.

I’m willing to believe that American Muslims are very different from all other Muslims. As soon as I see evidence.


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