Liberating Libya

There are a lot of good arguments for why a no-fly zone should be enforced over Libya. Too bad none of them convince the Euro-weenies.

Except for Sarkozy. How fucked up is it that the French own moral leadership, and Hilary Clinton is the most masculine figure speaking for America?

President Toonces doesn’t even have the balls to fire that jackass Clapper.

I was wrong supporting Bush’s war in Iraq. If we’ve learned anything from that, it’s that Iraqis suck as much as Belgians. And Belgians suck with huge force. The only good thing about Iraq is that it will be Iran’s tar baby from now on.

Afghanistan–like every other Muslim country, everyone who isn’t a complete retard has already left. This is why we can’t fix the Middle East. The only people left there are too lazy or stupid or part of the problem to get the fuck out.

So I’m in favor of a no-fly zone, but not in favor of spending a penny of our money to enforce it. Not our problem. The Arabs are in Europe’s backyard. Let them deal with those assholes.

The notion that we have to care about Muslims because of oil is bullshit. The only thing standing between them and Thunderdome is oil. If we stop helping them, they’ll figure out how to keep pumping oil. All American politicians, including the Bush family and the Clintons, who say otherwise, are bought and paid for and we should lynch them.

I hope the whole middle east turns into an incompetent caliphate. I don’t know what else will disentangle us from them.

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