Denial is Opportunity

Most Americans, especially the political class, are in complete denial about the financial train coming to wreck us. This is a good thing, if you’re not in denial.

Denial is powerful. It’s a force field that will keep the system from collapsing for longer than you might rationally expect. It will make the collapse harder, and make the opportunities to profit off those in denial more brutal and an order of magnitude better.

People are going to get really hurt in the collapse of the United States economic system. I mean, a lot of people are going to die. The majority will not die but will lose almost everything they own. The rich people that most of those people hate, as part of the same system, will also lose everything, cold comfort.

Bet on the dollar being worthless, sooner rather than later. It’s really hard to trust arithmetic when making important life decisions. Seems so abstract. But 2 + 2 = this government is FUCKED.

All those douchebags who annexed the Wisconsin state capitol: They’ll be heading for your house sooner or later. Shoot one of them, the rest will run.


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