Qaugmire This, Big Ears

Conservatives are invoking American Exceptionalism as the reason we are bombing the shit out of Libya. See, we, as Exceptional Americans, care so deeply about “humanitarian disasters”, that we HAD to act. Forget we didn’t give a shit about the Jewish genocide in Europe, or the Rwandan genocide or the …. well, there’s lots of other genocides that we didn’t feel all that exceptional about. Including the current Kurdish genocide in Turkey, and the recent Kurdish genocide in Iraq.

Liberals are just tapdancing and saying anything that works for the moment to get President Toonces out of being compared to Bush.

Actually, it’s not our fucking job to save people unlucky enough to be born in the Middle East, Korea, Africa or other shitty places where aerosol-dispersed birth control would be the best thing we could invent to help them. Seriously, before you get all upset about how eugenicist that sounds, do you really want another child born into this world in a non-Western-country Muslim family? You want her clit cut off or if it’s a boyto have him raised to be a clit-cutter? Hell, do you want another Muslim baby born in a Western country, to be radicalized, stupidized and weaponized?

Sure, Muslim kids can grow up good. I know several, personally, who did. They keep their mouths shut and their heads down. And they got the fuck out of Muslim countries. Really, most people left in Muslim countries are the worst of the worst. If you think I’m wrong, why do you think I’m wrong? It’s not like Muslims were smart enough to build a wall.

What if I were to ask, do you want those hillbillies to keep breeding and churning out nine kids each? On average, Muslims in Muslim countries are a lot more backward and nasty than American hillbillies. Most American liberals are pro-Muslim and anti-hillbilly. I’ll call that being a self-hating American.

Anyhow, good luck President Toonces with Libya. Hope you don’t get called something worse than DubYa.


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