Me and Mr. Jones

Rampaging Muslims in Afghanistan killed 10+ UN workers for being nominally Christian last weekend. Because some minor Christian minister in Florida held a mock trial of the Koran and then burned it.

Feckless American politicians and generals (Lindsay Graham, President Toonces, David Petraeus) smooched Muslim butt big time, making vague threats against the 1st Amendment.

People who don’t suck defended Amendment #1 against the political pussy class, but without exception (as far as I’ve seen) prefacing their comments with some form of “Of course, Pastor Jones is a fucking asshole, but….”

Mr. Jones has been unrepentant, and pretty articulate. Go to YouTube and look at the interviews, and his group sent out this news release:

In regard to the riots that have just taken place in Afghanistan at the UN headquarters, the actions of breaking in, setting on fire, and killing of at least 10 individuals so far is highly unacceptable for the government of the United States.

We, at Stand Up America Now, find this a very tragic and criminal action. The United States government and the United Nations itself, must take immediate action. We must hold these countries and people accountable for what they have done as well as for any excuses they may use to promote their terrorist activities. The time has come to hold Islam accountable.

Our United States government and our President must take a close, realistic look at the radical element Islam. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is time that we call these people to accountability. We demand that our United States government stand up and speak out against these acts. These people must be called to justice.

We demand action from the United Nations. Muslim dominated countries can no longer be allowed to spread their hate against Christians and minorities. They must alter the laws that govern their countries to allow for individual freedoms and rights, such as the right to worship, free speech, and to move freely without fear of being attacked or killed.

The Associate Director of Stand Up America Now, Wayne Sapp, has this week been banned from the UK. This highlights the stranglehold of political correctness that Islam has on the West.

Sounds about right to me.

How do we actually know that Mr. Jones is a fucking asshole?

All most of us know about him  is that he thinks Islam sucks and he’s not afraid to extend his medial digit in its barbaric direction. Let’s be honest–Jones is painted as a nut because we think all Christian ministers with small congregations must be nutjobs. He’s being smeared as a fringe Christian. You don’t have to think about whether he has a point about Muslims if you don’t get that far because he’s some kind of snake-handling tongues-speaking faith-healing cult leader.

Did he know it was likely that people would get killed by Muslim barbarian mobs if he did this? Probably. Let’s assume he did anticipate violence would follow his stand.

When Clint Eastwood makes a similar calculation in Gran Torino, he’s a hero. Buford Pusser too. Standing up to fucking assholes who actually intimidate and murder was, once upon a time, a grand American tradition before Toonces and Pussy Petraeus and Lindsey Graham and their legacy media bitches like Joe Klein started pretending courage by attacking those who commit the deadly sin of insult of an enemy. They mean to muzzle us, not shoot murdering Muslims.

Seriously, David Petraeus can go fuck himself. What a dishonorable piece of Muslim-coopted shit he’s been corrupted into being.

We should have strafed those mobs instead of having our general fulminate against American values like a little dhimmi bitch while UN workers died. We should track down and kill everyone we can find who was anywhere near the UN compound murders.

Instead, we see our so-called leaders, political and military, shadowbox with Mr. Jones as if he’s the reason Muslims randomly riot and murder.

Oh, and can somebody assassinate Karzai, while we’re at it? He’s definitely the more proximate cause of all those deaths than is Mr. Jones. The American news media didn’t cover the Koran burning. Karzai kept fanning the flames.

Holding my breath to hear Toonces, or Petraeus or any other mainstream assholes focus on Karzai.


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