Credit where due

Nice job, President Obama, on bagging Osama.

I feel like this deserves an Ogden Nash-y poem, but I’m just not up to it tonight.

By all accounts, Obama set the strategy, kept on top of the planning and made very good decisions. This is the first time I’ve seen him act like a competent executive.

Now about Hilary, who’s shilling for the Pakis. We all know damn well that there’s no way Osama wasn’t getting protection from the Paki establishment. No way he had such a large compound, obviously custom-constructed, right under the army’s and the ISI’s greasy noses, for however many years.

We bribe the Paki powers-that-be to the tune of about $3 billion a year. Minimal follow-through for Obama now is to cut that way back. Better, we should let them know we’re now on a nuke-hunt, and when we find theirs, it will be JDAMs, not SEALs. I’m sick and tired of being told that we have to lick their stinky parts because they have nukes and if we don’t they’re 5 minutes away from handing them to the Taliban. In a world run by rational people, I’d think the truth is the Pakis’ don’t really have nukes, but it’s convenient for us to pretend they do. But in this world, who knows? Most of their nukes are certain to be duds, and maybe that’s good enough. But if the Pakis are a credible nuclear threat this close to having a Taliban pushing the button, why aren’t we taking this seriously?

Here’s the thing I’m trying to swallow lately: The world goes to hell over and over again all through history because of perfectly obvious threats that were completely ignored by those who are supposed to be smart enough to run the world. Not only are these people not smarter than you and I, they’re in deep denial about their privileges and their way of life maybe coming to an end. So they hasten its end. Do you see anything about the current HMICs that makes you think this time it’s going to be different?

I think it’s highly unlikely that the United States of America will exist in 20 years, in the way it exists now. I expect there will be de facto secession by several states before then. They won’t go Fort Sumter, but they will go up yours and refuse to accept federal mandates and money, and will dare the IRS to prosecute their citizens who no longer pay federal income taxes.

I think it’s highly unlikely that some Muslim won’t at least try to set off a nuclear weapon in a major urban center. Given how freaked out Westerners are about nukes–we think radiation is some kind of magical, existential threat–we’ll freak out and there’ll be 5 million dead Muslims soon after.

I think that Western Europe will convulse to save itself from being overrun by Islam, and will do the same kind of nasty crap they’ve always done. That will set up battle lines. Welcome to The Crusades, Part Deux.

I think that China will disintegrate, but won’t turn into the new Middle East–the West won’t try to draw new boundaries there. Instead, the Chinese will settle it as bloodily as they always have. 1 billion dead, minimum, but we won’t know or care much who got killed.

I think that Africa will continue to be a resource-rich hell. Joined in poverty and depravity by every Muslim country no matter where, once the West rejects Islam like it’s rejected Naziism.

Poverty and horror are the fate of most people on the planet in the next century. George Bush’s optimism and outreach, already discredited by the dishonest Left, will be slowly and sadly abandoned by the rest of us.

Short of an EMP or a Carrington event, or even in spite of them, we’ll muddle through. But the American Dream is pretty much dead, except in America. Parts of America. We already lost Detroit.

Hey, but Osama’s dead!  We’re going to have many more chances for many more martial victories like this, soon. And we won’t have to wait 10 years to get our thrills. The pace is about to speed up.

Sorry to be such a buzzkill.


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