I’ve got the Bin Laden Blah’s

Sorry, just can’t get into the celebration. This feels to me like when the Israelis capture yet another 88 year old Nazi in South America. Good, glad you got him, perhaps sends a message to future Nazis. But it really doesn’t change anything.

Here’s what’s really bugging me: the right is crowing about how torture works, let’s have more!

Yes, they’re saying that waterboarding isn’t torture. But that doing it to KSM 183 times in his first month in captivity “broke his spirit.” Evidently, he would do anything to avoid time 184.

It doesn’t matter if waterboarding doesn’t maim. In the book “Dune” there’s a device used by the witches of the Bene Gesserit to test acolytes. The device uses nerve induction to induce intense, realistic pain without doing actual damage. Waterboarding is perhaps worse. The sense of suffocation is claimed, by waterboarding’s defenders, to work to break anyone. If you don’t buy that, try holding your breath till you actually pass out. Or, if you’re one of those who thinks waterboarding isn’t torture, let’s waterboard you. See what you think after 183 times.

I’ve said before that it’s a coward’s stance to claim that torture doesn’t work, as most liberals during the Bush administration claimed. They didn’t want to deal with the question: If torture works, should we use it to fight this war?

Of course, you liberal idiots, torture works, especially when it’s systemic. Did you jackasses learn nothing from reading 1984? When you correlate what A says when tortured against what B said, there are all kinds of things you can learn. In its information dynamics, torture is no different than any other police interrogation technique. It’s all about comparing notes, only you get more interesting notes.

Sure, only 3 people, says Rumsfeld, were ever waterboarded. So far. Government power, once granted, always grows into corruption and overreach. This is the government who just prosecuted and convicted some guy for counterfeiting who was making honest silver coins that resembled legacy US silver dollars. You trust this government with torturing only the right people? You think Holder and Obama and Jerritt and the rest of them are trustworthy on this?

The last thing we need is for our Ruling Class to get unified and on-board with torturing Undesirables. Republicans and conservatives who are now pushing Democrats to accept that torture works and is good policy are making a huge strategic mistake.

I’d be fine if we never ever caught USB, if he lived out his life banging his wives, if we couldn’t have caught him were it not for waterboarding. Too high a price.

Too many people think that this is Jack Bauer stuff–it’s about us getting tough. No, it’s about us sliding into a world where a multitude of grey bureaucrat sign torture orders. It’s Soviet stuff.


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